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Dear mandarin learning solution searcher:

We are educational company specialized in teaching mandarin as second language for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Our headquarter is located in the capital city of Malaysia (@ Taman Melawati) and several centres located in Petaling Jaya and Kajang.

If you currently staying too far from our mandarin centres, you could opt to take our online packages as our dedicated and passionate teachers will teach you via Skype, and you could review or revise your lessons via 24-hours through our after-class internet revision solutions.

For your information, Malaysia is the only nation outside China that provides formal and complete primary and secondary mandarin education to students. There are also many young Malaysian teachers graduated from prominent Universities in China. As one of the ex-British colonial nations, Malaysian (especially Malaysian Chinese) still viewed English as their most important second language and also maintained Mandarin as their mother-tongue language.

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In view of this, Malaysia is the nation that able to provide teachers in the area of teaching mandarin as second language with good command in English. This is importance in the early stage of mandarin learning especially for those from English speaking background.

Online learning normally once online session weekly, for 1-2 hours, we offer under reasonable fee.

Fee Structure for Online Learning

Our most popular package as below:

a) One to one online class:

RM 240 per month for 4 classes, each class is 45 min. (RM4.4=USD 1), continue with extra oral and written exercise and guide by teacher individually.

b) Zoom online group class:

All got 3 level, divided into 6 part, click here to view the full syllabus

New intake: Mandarin Language for level 1 (Part 1) (10 hours for only RM150) basic group class!

10 hours class is on every Thursday, 9PM-10PM,
1st class is on 08/04/2021. Adult class, for 13 year old and above

Registration page for basic class: CLICK HERE

New intake: Level 2 Part 2 *for those who has taken HSK 1, prepare to sit for HSK 2

10-hour Zoom class fees RM 250

First class on 8th April 2021
Every Thursday 8PM-9PM

Registration page: CLICK HERE

New intake: Level 1 Part 1 * for CHILDREN

Course Fees RM250 for 10 hours

1. You & I, Odonata reading book 1
2. My family & my pet
3. My house
4. Odonata reading book 2
5. Meals
6. Fruits & Shopping
7. Food & seafood
8. Odonata reading book 3
9. Revision
10. Assessment

Registration page:

Our e-learning platform not only equip with desktop version, but also with mobile version!  Click below to watch the introductory video:

We suggest those who interested may proceed to make an appointment with our teacher in order to experience how the class will be conducted via Skype or Zoom.

Timing for the class? You may discuss with the teacher that we appointed for you. If not suitable after discussion, we will appoint another teacher for you. Online Learning class adopts flexible timing, student is free to adjust the time with your teacher! 

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Teacher Profile

Our dedicated full time teachers

Shawna Pang Shei Yee  潘雪玉

Teacher Pang

► 2012/09-2013/06 中国上海华东师范大学 ,对外汉语本科毕业
Bachelor Degree in Mandaarin as Second Language (Shanghai East China Normal University)
► 2010/03-2012/08 马来西亚新纪元学院, 对外汉语教学专业文凭
Diploma in Mandarin as Second Language (New Era College)


Kate Janelle Binns 古琦


► 宁夏大学人文学院 汉语言文学师范(本科)(2015)
Ningxia University’s School of Liberal Atrs Chinese Literature (Bachelor) (2015)
► 宁夏大学外国语学院 英语(辅修)
Ningxia University’s School of Foreign Language English (Minor)
► 宁夏大学国际教育学院 助教
Ningxia University’s School of International Studies Teaching Assistant (June 2014-September 2014)
► 2013.09 获CCTV“希望英语”风采大赛宁夏赛区大学成人组一等奖
2013.09 The First Prize In The CCTV “Star of Outlook” Ningxia Regional English Talent Competition

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