Yes, Good news, WE REOPEN to all Adults and Children !!!!
After consulting the relevant authority, we have decided to start our classes for the locations below on 15th July 2020:

Our classes available at:

    • Taman Melawati (HQ)(KL, near National Zoo)

    • PJ (SS25, near Kelana Jaya LRT)

    • Kajang (Jalan Semenyih)

    • Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (900 meter from MRT TTDI)

    • Puchong Prima (only 50 meter from Puchong Prima LRT)

    • Rawang (Templer Park & Country Homes)

    • Johor Bahru (Mount Austin & Sunway Iskandar)

    • Shah Alam, (Kota Kemuning)

    • Sitiawan (Jalan Lumut, Perak) 

For all old and new students, please contact Teacher below to check for more information:

All other locations:
Teacher Ching 60166228057
Or click this WhatsApp link:

Madam Chow +6 012-903 6155


#Covid-19’s SOP will be applied
## Some locations will have temporary timetable adjustment
###Adult student means 18 to 60 year old

Thank you

From EDU Mandarin Management

New intake: Mandarin Language for HSK exam 1 (10 hours for only RM150) group class!

10 hours class is on every Thursday, 8:30pm-9:30pm,
1st class is on 17/9/2020. Adult class, for 13 year old and above

Registration page: CLICK HERE

Adult & Child programs, HSK or IGCSE syllabus, we customize the course for you!

Pengambilan Pelajar Baru Setiap Bulan! Kami menyesuaikan kursus untuk anda!

Are you interested in learning Mandarin with us? No need to wait! No minimum student required to start a new class, you can enroll NOW!

Please visit to our HSK mandarin examination & mandarin language learning material shop: www.LearnMandarinShop.Com

#All of our courses are registered and claimable under the Human Resource Development Fund  (HRDF) of Malaysia

Adult Class  Children Class Online Class




HSK 4: 在考试里最常出现的词汇?
HSK 4: Perbendaharaan Kata yang Kerap Muncul dalam Ujian
HSK 4: The Most Frequent Appeared Vocabularies in Exam

Practice your mandarin every Tuesday night , log in Zoom or facebook live to learn together with our EDU Mandarin full time teacher. Coming topic: HSK 4: The Most Frequent Appeared Vocabularies in Exam / HSK 4: Perbendaharaan Kata yang Kerap Muncul dalam Ujian / HSK 4: 在考试里最常出现的词汇?

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How to contact us us for further enquiries / Hubungi kami sekarang

Call or SMS:

+60129036155, 0166228057

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Email: [email protected]
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Maklumat Kursus: Maklumat Kursus Dalam Bahasa Malayu
课程详情: 华语课程详情
WeChat ID: jyching1
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Now all our students can enjoy Free course ware at home!

Special for all the student of EDU Mandarin, request a free account from your teacher.

Great Wall Chinese Software (Course ware) is a complete set of study software imported from Beijing, covering 1-6 (60 units) level courses for new Mandarin students.

The software provides:

1. Clear and engaging animations for new students to enhance your understanding.

2. The “imitating and comparing” section for students to learn to pronounce, record and repeat to improve their pronunciation.

3. Social, word & grammar practices.


Great Wall Chinese Software (Course ware) merupakan suatu set perisian pengajian lengkap yang diimport dari Beijing. Ia melingkungi kursus pengajian tahap 1-6 (60 unit) bagi pelajar Mandarin baru.

Perisian ini menyediakan:

1. Animasi yang jelas dan menarik untuk pelajar baru untuk meningkatkan pemahaman anda.

2. Bahagian “meniru dan memanding” agar pelajar belajar untuk menyebut, rekod dan berulang bagi memperbaiki sebutan mereka.

3. Latihan-latihan sosial, perkataan, tatabahasa dan fonetik turut dilingkungi dalam bahagian latihan kemahiran.

Adroid :
iOS :"

Our Newsletter

Sekolah Redah Setiabudi, Kelab Bahasa Mandarin,

Sekolah Redah Setiabudi, kelab bahasa mandarin, peningkatan pelajar baru tahun 2020 di luar jangkaan kami! Sekolah Redah Setiabudi, mandarin language club, the number of new student was increased beyond our expectation!

Seminar on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning for International School 2019.

We shared about IB, IGCSE and HSK syllabus, and for the first time this annual internal seminar of EDU Mandarin open to outsider, and joined by nearly 30 teachers from all around the nation!

Year End Seminar! 欢迎老师或家长参与

日期 :11/12/2019 (星期三, 雪州公共假期)
时间 :10am-5pm


1.剑桥 IGCSE华语课程全面认识 (钱进逸院长、张赛灵老师)
2.IB 华语基本架构 (叶俊杰博士)
3.HSK 汉语水平考试全面认识 (周锦秀硕士)
4.对症下药:什么背景程度学生怎么配书 (钱进逸院长、周锦秀硕士)


Last Class in Cradle Fundle

Last class 2019: Corporate mandarin language training for staff of Cradle Fundle
谢谢 xiexie
大家 dajia everyone
的 de
努力 nuli effort
继续 jixu continue
加油 jiayou keep it up
衷心 zhongxin sincerely
祝福 zhufu bless
你们 nimen all of you

Our Bookshop

IGCSE Mandarin as FIRST language!


剑桥 IGCSE 华语为第一语言!没有参考书?我们特别为您入口。 Now, we import the book for you! Click here to know more

《HSK 四级标准教程 上册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course

推荐书:《HSK 四级标准教程 上册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course Level 4 Vol 1 HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. As the years go, the number of candidates has gradually increase since the day it was founded. Besides, it has also draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam. HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。前往购买》 click link to proceed with purchase)

《HSK 四级标准教程 下册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course

推荐书:《HSK 四级标准教程 下册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course Level 4 Vol 2 HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. As the years go, the number of candidates has gradually increase since the day it was founded. Besides, it has also draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam.  HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。前往购买》click link to proceed with purchase

About us

Mandarin short course @ Management & Science University (MSU) Shah Alam.

At the university,   students were trying our Great Wall Chinese course ware after lesson. A good way of improving mandarin pronunciation with our sound reorganization system, you can imitate and repeat the core sentences!


Mesyuarat dengan Kakitangan MSU

到管理与科学大学洽谈汉语教学合作计划!Bermesyuarat dengan kakitangan MSU tentang rancangan kerjasama pengajaran subjek Bahasa Mandarin di Universiti berkenaan.

Job with us 聘请老师

We are expanding!
Job with us @ EDU Mandarin Puchong & Melawati

卓越汉语致力推广非华人学习汉语,由于学生增加迅速,目前本中心欲聘请多位老师,五天半工作制,含培训与提供住宿.、教导国际学校与中国 HSK 课程,业务多元发展,包括中心课程、国际学校、企业与网络课工作机会等!

Apply at Jobstreet:
Direct application

New Beginning for Kota Kemuning Center!

Kota Kemuning now upgraded as a center based mandarin learning school ! Located at Jln Anggerik Aranda Sek 31 Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam). 

Our teacher-in-charge Serene Chong:
1. Bachelor of Arts, Major in Chinese Literature and Linguistics (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan ROC)
2. Diploma of Education
(National Institute of Education, Singapore)

Teacher Chong is very experience in mandarin language teaching, she have been teach for more than 19 years in Malaysia and Singapore.

Group and individual classes available, and group class schedule as follow:

Group class schedule:

Monday: 630pm-8pm
Tuesday: 630pm-8pm; 8pm-9:30pm
Wednesday: 630pm-8pm, 8pm-930pm
Thursday: 630pm-8pm; 8pm-9:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am-11am; 11am-12:30pm;

Chinese video: 在“HSK" 与 “IGCSE Mandarin as First Language"间为孩子做出选择?


上周,有家长致电询问卓越汉语,告知一班欲让孩子在中学高级学校继续修读华语的家长,必须在“HSK" 与 “IGCSE Mandarin as First Language"间为孩子做出选择。


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Wawancara bersama Ayesha Ellya

Wawancara bersama Ayesha Ellya, guru mandarin separuh masa kami yang berkelulusan Beijing Universiti dan kini berkhidmat secara separuh masa di EDU Mandarin Taman Melawati dan Puchong Prima! 认识艾莎老师与其服务的吉隆坡卓越汉语!
Meet Ayesha Ellya, our part-time Mandarin teacher who graduated from Beijing University and currently works part-time at EDU Mandarin Taman Melawati and Puchong Prima!

搞清什么是HSK, HSKK, YCT & BCT 汉语考试!

长知识了:搞清什么是HSK, HSKK, YCT & BCT 汉语考试!

1. HSK: 汉语水平考试:

2. HSKK:汉语口语考试:

3. YCT (Youth Chinese Test): 

4. BCT (Business Chinese Test): 
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Teacher in Puchong Branch

Teacher Mak (right) graduated from UPM language faculty, major in Mandarin language, and Teacher Chen (left) origine from Shandong province of China. So, in Puchong, we have local teacher that able communicate in local Malay language as well as teacher from China that able to give you the best native pronunciation

Our Videos

Story Behind Deepavali

Yes, we all are a group of Mandarin Language beginner students with Indian background. After attending mandarin classes with teacher Liew Ai at EDU Mandarin (Johor Bahru), we try our best to present to you the story behind the Deepavali festival in mandarin!


Dialogue between Mandarin and Cambodia language teacher:

How to say Japan, Korea, China, France, Australia, Cambodia in both languages?