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Positions: Full-time and Part-time Teachers & Administrative Staff
Work Location: Taman Melawati and Kajang
1) Chinese teachers (multiple full-time and part-time)
2) Administrative staff (one full-time)
Job description:
Mandarin Discovery Language Center is seeking full-time and part-time teaching and administrative staff.
We seek talented, passionate individuals with a passion for education to join our team. The center is committed to providing students with high-quality Chinese education and cultivating their language skills and cultural understanding.
The specific location will be determined at the time of interview. Salary will be based on educational background, work experience and nature of work.
Interested parties can WhatsApp: 016-622 8057, email: [email protected]

All Available Mandarin Classes

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Our Physical Mandarin Classes Available at:

1) Taman Melawati (HQ)(KL, near National Zoo) More info

2) PJ (SS25 Taman Mayang) More info

3) Kajang (Jalan Semenyih) More info

4) Puchong Prima (beside LRT) & Bandar 16 Sierra

(beside MRT) More info

5) Pandan Indah (KL) More info

6) Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)  More info

7) Johor Bahru (Mount Austin & Eco Botani) More info

8) Rawang (Country Home, Templer Park) More info

Our Online Mandarin Classes: Children Or Adult, One-to-One Class

 1) All Levels Individual Class (One to One): RM40-80 per Session  More info

Adults Zoom Group Classes

2) Adult Basic Level: RM250 for 10 hours: More info

Children Zoom Group Class

3) Child Basic Level: RM250 for 10 hours: More info

4) Child Basic Level: RM300 for 10 hours: More info


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Adult Class  Children Class Online Class


How to contact us us for further enquiries / Hubungi kami sekarang

Call or SMS:

+60129036155, 0166228057

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Email: [email protected]
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Maklumat Kursus: Maklumat Kursus Dalam Bahasa Malayu
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2024 Online Class: Adult Class for Beginners

10 hours, 10 weeks, 10 Classes, Only RM250

Direct purchase at Shopee:

img-13Information & Registration page: CLICK HERE

img-14Self study? or need to sit for HSK test soon, please visit to our HSK mandarin examination & mandarin language learning material shop: www.LearnMandarinShop.Com



Attending International Conference

Attended Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education workshop in Singapore on 18th & 19th Nov 2023. We will update you what we learn and the latest development of HSK exam soon!2023年11月18 & 19号,出席国际中文教育中文水平等级标准工作坊。我们将尽快分享所学习到内容与HSK汉语水平考试最新发展。


Our Newsletter

Segi College visited EDU Mandarin HQ

Representative of the Marketing Department of SEGi College visited to further discuss cooperation in student enrollment strategies.

Sekolah Redah Setiabudi, Kelab Bahasa Mandarin,

Sekolah Redah Setiabudi, kelab bahasa mandarin, peningkatan pelajar baru tahun 2020 di luar jangkaan kami! Sekolah Redah Setiabudi, mandarin language club, the number of new student was increased beyond our expectation!


Last Class in Cradle Fundle

Last class 2019: Corporate mandarin language training for staff of Cradle Fundle
谢谢 xiexie
大家 dajia everyone
的 de
努力 nuli effort
继续 jixu continue
加油 jiayou keep it up
衷心 zhongxin sincerely
祝福 zhufu bless
你们 nimen all of you

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Our Bookshop

剑桥大学国际考试中文第二语言:听力与阅读模拟试题集 IGSCE 0523 Chinese as Second Language: Mock Test Papers for Listening & Reading





本书是针对剑桥大学国际考试中文第二语言(IGCSE 0523)的听力和阅读模拟试题集,根据 IGCSE 0523新大纲(2020年首次考试)考试要求编写。


关于作者冯薇薇(Vivienne Fung),有近二十年的1GCSE中文课程教学经验,曾参与IGCSE 0523课程的初始设计,并参与编著英基协会学校内部《 IGCSE 0523教学资源》和试题样卷。

About this book

This book is a set of simulated listening and reading test questions for the Cambridge University International Examination in Chinese as a Second Language (IGCSE 0523). It is compiled according to the requirements of the IGCSE 0523 new syllabus (the first exam in 2020).

◆This book contains 20 sets of listening simulation questions and 10 sets of reading simulation questions, which are designed to train candidates' listening and reading comprehension abilities, help candidates familiarize themselves with the test question types and test procedures, and successfully play their true level in the test and achieve ideal results.

About the author:

Vivienne Fung, has nearly 20 years of teaching experience in the IGCSE Chinese course, participated in the initial design of the IGCSE 0523 course, and participated in the compilation of the internal "IGCSE 0523 Teaching Resources" and sample papers of the English Foundation School.

Purchase link:

Shopee link:


Our Own Publication: HSK 1-3 Malay Version Mini Dictionary





Mula belajar Bahasa Mandarin? Ini merupakan buku kosa kata pertama anda, ia meliputi kosa kata tahap awal yang diperlu dikuasai dan ditulis khas menurut sukatan ujian Mandarin HSK.
Pada masa kini, masih banyak pelajar Cina malahan guru sekolah Cina tidak mengenali ujian HSK (Ujian Profisiensi Mandarin), dan hampir tiada bahan terbitan tempatan yang bertemakan ujian HSK
Ini mungkin merupakan buku HSK tempatan pertama yang diterbitkan di Malaysia. Kami percaya bahawa pasaran tempatan pasti mempunyai keperluan khas, terutama bagi masyarakat Melayu dan juga masyarakat Indonesia.
● Ditulis oleh guru HSK yang berpengalaman – penulis ialah guru yang berpengalaman dalam pengajaran pendidikan HSK serta mampu menguasai kandungan penting dan kesukaran
peperiksaan dengan tepat.

● Ia merangkumi tahap HSK 1 hingga tahap 3, iaitu seluruh tahap ujian Bahasa Mandarin HSK peringkat rendah. Ini bermaksud buku ini memainkan peranan sebagai piawaian menguji penguasaan seseorang pelajar Bahasa Mandarin pada peringkat awal.
● Buku ini menyeranaikan kesemua 600 patah perkataan yang diperlukan oleh calon yang menduduki ujian HSK, setiap patah perkataan diterjemahkan dengan terjamahan Bahasa Melayu serta Bahasa Inggeris
● Contoh ayat mudah turut disediakan untuk menambahkan pemahaman para pelajar dalam Bahasa Mandarin dan Melayu.
●Perkataan tambahan dan gabungan yang digabung daripada 600 patah perkataan dalam silibus HSK turut disediakan.
Harga: RM45
Penerbit: EDU Mandarin
Purchase Link:
Shopee Link:

《HSK 四级标准教程 上册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course

img-28 推荐书:《HSK 四级标准教程 上册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course Level 4 Vol 1 HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. As the years go, the number of candidates has gradually increase since the day it was founded. Besides, it has also draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam. HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。前往购买》 click link to proceed with purchase)

《HSK 四级标准教程 下册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course

img-29推荐书:《HSK 四级标准教程 下册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course Level 4 Vol 2 HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. As the years go, the number of candidates has gradually increase since the day it was founded. Besides, it has also draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam.  HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。前往购买》click link to proceed with purchase

《新HSK应试全解析 六级》

  img-30 推荐书:《新HSK 应试全解析(6级)》(附上光碟) Book Recommendation: New HSK Analysis Level 6 (With CD) New HSK Analysis Level 6 was published by Beijing Language and Culture University. It is an educational material specially written for the examinees of New HSK Proficiency Test, in which it includes the test examples of listening, reading as well as writing to allow the students to do revision at home.《新HSK 应试全解析(6级)》由北京语言出版社出版,是一套专门为新汉语水平考试(HSK)应试者编写的教材。本书包含了考试需面对的听力、阅读和书写范例,供学生复习。 前往购买》click link to proceed with purchase  

Our Clients

About us

Where to learn Mandarin physically?

Where to learn Mandarin Physically? Our centers at Melawati, Puchong, PJ, Kajang, Rawang, Pandan, JB & KK...Watch this video to know more about the locations.....


Welcome New Teacher

We are thrilled to welcome SARAH TAN to our team at EDU Mandarin (Taman Melawati). With a Master's degree in Chinese Studies from University of Malaya, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for teaching Mandarin.
Sarah's expertise and dedication are invaluable assets that will undoubtedly enhance the learning experience for our students. Her commitment to education and her enthusiasm for sharing the beauty of the Chinese language and culture are truly commendable.
img-31We welcome:
Sarah Tan
Master of Chinese Studies (University of Malaya)
Bachelor of Science in Quantity Survey (Honors) (University of Malaya)

HRDC Claimable Status!


HRD Corp Claimable! - Mandarin Course (Corporate)

Good news! We resume our HRD Corp claimable Mandarin Class for corporate.
For companies who wish to make HRD Corp claim through a training course, please submit your application to HRDC at least 3 weeks before the course starting date to ensure the approval is successful.


Visit our HQ now!

Mandarin Language Center @ Taman Melawati (KL): Show you the internal facilities, materials & language (computer) lab Pusat Bahasa Mandarin @ Taman Melawati: kemudahan, bilik computer & buku-buku khas

4) Child Basic Level: RM250 for 10 hours: More info

Dear all, we are offering a new group class for children with little basic knowledge in Mandarin. The class will be held online through Zoom and will last for 10 weeks. The cost is RM300. The class will take place every Friday from 8PM-9PM. The first class will start on June 9th, 2023.

img-33Click to know more or register: more info


Kota Kinabalu, we are coming....

来自沙巴亚庇的伙伴到访,我们很快在亚庇开班!谁要学汉语,以便与涌向亚庇的中国旅客沟通?Partners from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, we will start classes in Kota Kinabalu soon! Who wants to learn Chinese to communicate with the Chinese tourists flocking to Kota Kinabalu?


HSK 7-9


你拥有高水平的汉语水平,就是欠缺一纸文凭来证明你那顶呱呱的汉语能力! 不必遗憾:汉语水平考试已经在22年11月正式推出高级汉语认证-- HSK 7-9级。请观赏我们的视频,以知道其详情:You have a high level of Chinese proficiency, but you lack a certificate to prove your excellent Chinese ability! No need to regret: the Chinese Proficiency Test has officially launched the Advanced Chinese Certification-- HSK Level 7-9 in November 22, please watch our video to know its:  details:


Registration link 报考链接:


Translation / Interpretation Services

Too slow to master a language but need to converse in a foreign language with clients urgently? We have solution for you!

As a language center, we not only provide langauge courses, but also the interpretation and translation services, make sure your clients understand your products or services.

img-36Translation and interpreting services include written, simultaneous and consecutive for international event and government, sign language, court and more.....



We expert in Mandarin, English, Malay and more languages translation & interpretation services. 


Please WhatsApp us for instant support or email [email protected]




Our Videos

Show you where our HQ located

Show you where our mandarin language center is in Taman Melawati, watch and visit us now! Tunjukkan kepada anda di mana pusat bahasa mandarin kami, tonton dan lawati kami sekarang:

Story Behind Deepavali

Yes, we all are a group of Mandarin Language beginner students with Indian background. After attending mandarin classes with teacher Liew Ai at EDU Mandarin (Johor Bahru), we try our best to present to you the story behind the Deepavali festival in mandarin!


Dialogue between Mandarin and Cambodia language teacher:

How to say Japan, Korea, China, France, Australia, Cambodia in both languages

Lapar? Nak makan? Sila click dan merasai makanan-makanan yang kami sediakan, Cikgu Mak dan Peter akan masak bagi anda!

饿了?想到本地美食?点击此视频, 来享用我们为你预备的本地美食吧!麦老师与彼得老师亲自下厨