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Our centers are based in different places such as:

  • Taman Melawati (HQ)(KL, near National Zoo)

  • PJ (SS25, near Kelana Jaya LRT)

  • Kajang (Jalan Semenyih)

  • Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (900 meter from MRT TTDI)

  • Puchong Prima (only 50 meter from Puchong Prima LRT, direct reach by LRT from Subang, Putra Height, Bukit Jalil, Tasik Selatan, Sungai Besi)

  • Rawang (Templer Park & Country Homes)

  • Bukit Jelutong (Shah Alam, near Denai Alam, Cahaya SPK, Puncak Alam & Glenmarie)

  • Sitiawan (Jalan Lumut, Perak)

  • Melaka (Bachang, near Melaka Sentral)

  • Johor Bahru (Mount Austin).


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Kelab Mandarin Setiabudi (UIA)

Kami besama menubuhkan "KELAB MANDARIN SETIABUDI (UIA)"


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Highest Learning and Working Spirit!

Our Japanese corporate students: Koichiro Nakazawa (Managing Director) and Hiroshi Hyodo (Assistant Manager) from Marubeni-Itochu Steel (M) Sdn Bhd (559624-V).

Having mandarin classes as early as 7am at their office near Ampang Park! but our Teacher Peter never late for their classes!

Japanese always have the highest learning and working spirit!


Adults learners at Sunway Iskandar (Johor Bahru)

Our mandarin class syllabus and learning outcomes that applied in JB and most of EDU Mandarin centers, contact us to know more....


Lunch and gathering with CatEagle translation team!

We provide Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Thai, Russian, French, Arabic, Burmese and German language translation/ interpretation services; both simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation, as well as whispering and accompanied interpretation. Invite us for interpretation or translation service for your company seminar or meeting.  

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It’s a pleasure to have a colleague from afar!

有同行自远来,不亦乐乎!柬埔寨KCE 国际学校创办人Sopheak Lar 远道而来参观卓越汉语总部

The founder of KCE International School in Cambodia, Sopheak Lar, came to visit the EDU Mandarin Headquarter yesterday. She is about to start a school that includes a Chinese language courses in Phnom Penh.

We introduced the center's unique Chinese language teaching system, including the Great Wall Chinese Language Sound Recognition System, Local Red Dragon children system, the multi media Quizlet Flash Card and HSK Chinese Proficiency Test, etc.

Sopheak is deeply impressed by the multilingual strength of Malaysian Chinese and agrees that Malaysia is a talent pool for Chinese language teachers. On the spot, she requested us to send our outstanding personnel to train their school Chinese teachers and purchased some of our teaching materials!


柬埔寨🇰🇭KCE 国际学校创办人Sopheak Lar 远道而来参观卓越汉语总部。即将在金边创办包括汉语课程学校的她,表示特别观察到马来西亚的汉语水平在海外的超高表现,来隆开会之余特来访取经。




Chinese New Year celebration at Sekolah Bina Insan, Darul Sakinah (Puchong).

  1. Chinese New Year celebration at Sekolah Bina Insan, Darul Sakinah (Puchong). Chinese new year song, calligraphy and more....新的突破:在宗教中学主持农历新年庆祝会


2. Chinese New Year celebration at Kelab Mandarin, Sekolah Setiabudi Gombak.


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IGCSE Mandarin as FIRST language!


剑桥 IGCSE 华语为第一语言!没有参考书?我们特别为您入口。 Now, we import the book for you! Click here to know more

《HSK 四级标准教程 上册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course

推荐书:《HSK 四级标准教程 上册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course Level 4 Vol 1 HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. As the years go, the number of candidates has gradually increase since the day it was founded. Besides, it has also draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam. HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。前往购买》 click link to proceed with purchase)

《HSK 四级标准教程 下册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course

推荐书:《HSK 四级标准教程 下册》(附光碟) HSK Standard Course Level 4 Vol 2 HSK is named after Chinese Proficiency Test. As the years go, the number of candidates has gradually increase since the day it was founded. Besides, it has also draws a large number of candidates from either China or overseas countries who has deep love towards Chinese culture to register for the exam.  HSK 全名为“HanyuShuipingKaoshi(汉语水平考试)”。汉语水平考试自创立以来,无论在中国或海外,都吸引大批热爱中华文化的考生报考。HSK作为汉语国际教育学科,面对众多考生,有关当局为了帮助考生在全方位提高汉语综合运用能力,于是编写了这一套《HSK标准教程》。前往购买》click link to proceed with purchase


  推荐书:《新启蒙汉语(4级下册)》(附上光碟) Recommended Book: Fun With Chinese “Fun with Chinese Level 4B” is a set of supplementary materials for young children (5-8 years old) to learn Chinese. Furthermore, the six chapters in this book is related to “Fun with Chinese Level 4A”. The material contains both textbook and exercise books in order to help Chinese children who grew up in the oversea countries to be able to understand the lives and cultural environment of each another better.《新启蒙汉语 4级下册》是一套针对年幼孩子(5-8岁)学习汉语的辅助教材,也是《新启蒙汉语 4级上册》的续册。因此,教材内所含的六个单元课文都会和上一册有所联系。这套教材包含了课本和练习册两种辅导,让生长在海外的华裔孩子,能多了解彼此的生活和文化环境。前往购买》click link to proceed with purchase

《新HSK应试全解析 六级》

  推荐书:《新HSK 应试全解析(6级)》(附上光碟) Book Recommendation: New HSK Analysis Level 6 (With CD) New HSK Analysis Level 6 was published by Beijing Language and Culture University. It is an educational material specially written for the examinees of New HSK Proficiency Test, in which it includes the test examples of listening, reading as well as writing to allow the students to do revision at home.《新HSK 应试全解析(6级)》由北京语言出版社出版,是一套专门为新汉语水平考试(HSK)应试者编写的教材。本书包含了考试需面对的听力、阅读和书写范例,供学生复习。 前往购买》click link to proceed with purchase  

About us

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin 2019
Kāizhāi jié kuàilè
Kāizhāi jié = Hari Raya
kuàilè = happy


Teacher in Puchong Branch

Teacher Mak (right) graduated from UPM language faculty, major in Mandarin language, and Teacher Chen (left) origine from Shandong province of China. So, in Puchong, we have local teacher that able communicate in local Malay language as well as teacher from China that able to give you the best native pronunciation

Welcome new teaching staff!

1. Guru baru: Ayesha (kiri) berasal dari Kuala Lumpur, berkelulusan Peking University, Fakulti Ekonomi (major ekonomi dan perdagangan antarabangsa). Beliau baru menyertai kami sebagai guru Bahasa Mandarin separuh masa. 新汉语老师:艾莎 (Ayesha)来自吉隆坡,毕业于北京大学经济学院(主修国际经济与贸易),目前在卓越汉语兼职。

2. Chen AiXin berasal dari provinsi Shandong China, beliau menamatkan ijazah di Malaysia dan sekarang bermastautin di KL sebagai isteri asing. Beliau baru berjaya mendapat permit perkerjaan dan berkerja di EDU Mandarin Puchong. 陈爱馨来自中国山东省,在马来西亚完成学位,目前是马来西亚外籍太太。刚刚通过卓越汉语申请到工作准证,加入我们的师资阵容,部分时间在蒲种中心教导汉语。

Sharing of HSK Examination

Share about HSK exam to a group of student before they futher their study in China ; Learn your mandarin and sit for HSK exam, we will find scholarships for you to study in China!



HSK Standard Course Answers

HSK Standard Course answers is here.We download and keep for you!

IGCSE Exam for Mandarin subject 2019 open for registration and revision classes:

Cambridge IGCSE Chinese (Mandarin) - Foreign Language (0523)
Cambridge IGCSE Chinese (Mandarin) - Foreign Language (0547)

Open for single subject candidate, contact us for more info:
[email protected]

Meet Up with the Author of Chinese Made Easy book

Glad to meet up with the author of Chinese Made Easy book, Yamin Ma, in her Seminar. Yamin Ma is a profound, experienced & passionate Mandarin teacher from China. 很荣兴能与《轻松学中文》作者,马亚敏老师会面合影,同时参与她主讲的讲座。马老师是一位资深又热忱于对外汉语教学的好老师。

Additional HSK exam @ PJ

Computer based exam

25th November 2018 2nd December 2018 Test date: 25th November 2018

Registration period: 30th of October 2018 – 15th of November 2018

Direct fill in the feedback form if interested:

Our Videos

Lapar? Nak makan? Sila click dan merasai makanan-makanan yang kami sediakan, Cikgu Mak dan Peter akan masak bagi anda!

饿了?想到本地美食?点击此视频, 来享用我们为你预备的本地美食吧!麦老师与彼得老师亲自下厨

Nyanyi lagu mandarin bersama! Sing a Mandarin song!


Zài kāi xīn shínǐ qīn qīn wǒ

When happy, you kiss me


Zài shāng xīn shínǐ hōng hōng wǒ

When sad, you comfort me


Zài shēng qìshínǐshuōshuō wǒ

When angry, you advise me


zài hài pà shínǐbào bào wǒ

When afraid, You hug me


xiè xiè nǐbàbà māmā xiè xiè nǐ de ài

Thank you, father mother, thank you for your love.

谢谢你爸爸妈妈谢谢你的关怀* x2

xiè xiè nǐ bàbà māmā xiè xiè nǐ díguān huái

Thank you, father mother, thank you for your care


Nama Bahagian Badan Dalam Bahasa Mandarin (Video for you!)

1. 头 tóu  /head / kepala

2. 头发 tóufǎ / hair  / rambut

3. 手 shǒu / hand / tangan

4. 脚 Jiǎo  / feet / kaki

5. 口 kǒu  /mouth / mulut

6. 耳朵 erduo  /ear  / telinga

7. 眼睛 yǎnjīng    /eyes  / mata

8. 鼻子 bízi  / nose  /hidung

9. 嗓子 sǎngzi  /throat / tekak

10. 牙 yá  / teeth / gigi

11. 肚子 dùzi / tummy  / perut

12. 胳膊 Gēbó    /arm  /lengan

13. 腿  t  / leg   / kaki

Negeri-negeri Malaysia Dalam Bahasa Mandarin

We promise to produce more local context videos soon! Enjoy this: Name of Malaysia's states in Mandarin

1.雪兰莪 Xuě lán ér Selangor

2.霹雳 Pīlì Perak

3.槟城 Bīn chéng Penang

4.吉打 Jí  dǎ Kedah

5.玻璃市 Bōlí shì Perlis

6.吉兰丹 Jí lán dān Kelantan

7.彭亨 Péng hēng Pahang

8.森美兰 Sēnměilán Negeri Sembilan

9.马六甲 Mǎliùjiǎ Melaka

10.柔佛 Róufú Johor

11.登嘉楼 Dēngjiālóu Terengganu

12.沙巴 Shāba Sabah

13.砂拉越 Shālāyuè Sarawak