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November 2017 Intake!

Pengambilan Pelajar Baru November 2017!

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Our online mandarin courses and the real classroom experience courses are specially designed in order to meet the demands of our students. Our centers are based in different places such as Taman Melawati (KL), Kepong (Menjalara), Kajang, PJ (SS25), Rawang as well as Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (KL). Intake is now open to all working adults, students and children. Do contact us to confirm your seat in the program. 

Our New Centers are now open in Johor Bahru, Shah Alam and Sitiawan (Perak)

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Teacher in Action! Seminar Mandarin Language Bukit Puchong!

Seminar Bahasa Mandarin sehari @ Puchong Bina Insan Islamic School 为私立伊斯兰学校主办一日汉语学习营 (16th Oct 2017)

For more photos and details: https://goo.gl/s2qr1S

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Seminar in Puchong

One Day Seminar Program @Puchong Bina Insan School. The student is introducing herself. Kindly click in to view the video! (October, 2017)

Nur Aisyah Receiving her HSK 5 certificate Today!

Nur Aisyah receiving her HSK 5 certificate today! She scored 236 out of 300 marks! We know that it is not easy for a non-Chinese to achieve such a flying color result. #颜色飞起来的好成绩

She was our Taman Melawati center student!Heart-fully congratulations ! 🎈🎊

FYI, obtain a high score in HSK level 5, which enable the student to enroll China university and it will qualified u to apply HSK scholarship from China Government.


Nur Aisyah  aims to be an English teacher and tour guide in future.

She told us the ability to speak mandarin brings a lot of advantages to her, even a Chinese businessman gave her special discount after she deal with him in mandarin! While waiting for her university offering, she was employed in a kindergarten because of her speaking mandarin advantage! She was teaching mandarin language in the kindergarten!

If you wish to join, just click WhatsApp link below and say “hi” to start our conversation:


Or direct contact 60166228057 for Free consultation

HSK exam sharing @ Sitiawan 30/8/2017!

This was an event organized by EDU Mandarin and Manjung Writing Organization. We had shared with audience on the purpose of HSK Chinese Proficiency test, the exam content as well as the topic on the current domestic and international condition in mandarin learning.

The Founder of Mandarin Discovery, Faith Wanjiku Mworia from Kenya shared on “Understanding Africa Kenya and the Mandarin learning condition in Africa”.

Feel free to contact us for organizing such seminar for your school or center in order to open the eye of teachers and students on the new trend of global language learning and the rise of China as new economic power !

Learning Mandarin Language in Kenya and Malaysia

A lot of students learning mandarin language in Kenya and Malaysia! Listen to two teachers from Africa and Malaysia, click to enjoy the video!

Discovery Chinese (Nairobi) and EDU Mandarin (KL), two mandarin schools with a lot of similarities and share the same passion ! #LearnMandarin #HSK#IGCSC #Nairobi

Congratulations to Elizabeth

恭喜!坚持学习,勇敢步入考场!欢喜领文凭! 伊丽莎白法英混血,父亲是英国人,母亲是法国人,她拥有英法双重国籍。为了梦想,她决定远赴中国考取医科文凭。趁着大学假期,来到卓越汉语,接受短期HSK四级密集课程。原来,就读武汉大学医学系的她,需要HSK四级文凭以符合实习与毕业需求。她勤能补拙的精神,让她在HSK 四级中考取了231/300分的亮眼成绩!这不仅能让她在学习中进展得更顺利,也能加强她的交际能力,可谓喜上加喜!我们也引以为荣!



Our congratulations to Elizabeth for her outstanding performance in the HSK exams, "Your persistence in learning Mandarin and your brevity to face the exams was outstanding, and today here we are as you receive your certificate with a joyful heart!

Elizabeth is half French and half English, Her father is British and her mother is French. In order to pursue her dream, she decided she will study her Bachelor of medicine in China. The Faculty of medicine in Wuhan university requires her to study and get a HSK level 4 in order to qualify for internship and graduation. Elizabeth joined our center (EDU MANDARIN) for a short term intensive class to enable her participate in HSK exams. Out of diligence and courage she was able to score 231 marks out of 300. Her outstanding performance will not only guarantee her a smooth progress in her studies but also enhance her communication skills. We are really proud of her.

We therefore hope that Elizabeth will carry along her memories of learning Mandarin in Malaysia as she continues to travel to other countries. Different people and different races are all able to gain mastery of any language and in our context, mastery of Chinese language, regardless of whether they are black or white as long as they are persistent and are using the right learning system. (Aug, 2017)

Our Bookshop


  外语教学与研究出版社 《新启蒙汉语 四级下册》是一套针对年幼孩子(5-8岁)学习汉语的辅助教材,也是《新启蒙汉语 四级上册》的续册。因此,教材内所含的六个单元课文都会和上一册有所联系。这套教材包含了课本和练习册两种辅导,让生长在海外的华裔孩子,能多了解彼此的生活和文化环境。虽然一样是小孩子,但因为孩子们成长的环境各不相同。本书的六个课文,将透过小孩的日常生活带出汉语中常听到的语句、生词问题和语病问题。这也体现出编者们的用心。《新启蒙汉语 四级下册》共有一本课本,和练习册A、B两本。透过小孩子的世界,编者希望能借此激发小孩子学习汉语的兴趣。书内的短文理解、师生问答环节、偏旁和听写四个部分,以及每课短文理解后,书中所提供的词汇表、词句重组环节也能加强孩子们对认字的能力。这样一来,当他们在上完课后,回家复习时便会轻松许多。前往购买》

《新HSK应试全解析 六级》

  北京语言大学出版社 2014年版 《新HSK 应试全解析(六级)》由北京语言出版社出版,是一套专门为新汉语水平考试(HSK)应试者编写的教材。本书包含了考试需面对的听力、阅读和书写范例,供学生复习。本书分为听力、阅读和书写三个部分。本书在每个部分,进行仔细的题型说明、答题技巧以及重要考点例试。通过本书提供的专项练习,考生不仅能够对出题方式更为熟悉,也能从书中的答题技巧中学会答题的方法和窍门。本书所提供的模拟试卷,通过模拟真题编写出。编者们将大纲与模拟题一并编入此书,是为在短时间内提高考生的应考能力。若您正在备考HSK汉语水平考试,这本书绝对是您提高应试能力的首选教材! 前往购买》  

New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 1 新实用汉语课本 1 第 2 版 课本 (附赠 1 张 MP3)


《HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第六级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版

《HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第六级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) 长城汉语单机版 (生存交际) (英语)

Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) is a complete set of learning courseware, include level 1-6 of the beginner courses for a new mandarin learner. It provides a clear and exquisite animation, grammatical questions, speaking tests and assessments. Buy Now >>

About us

Nama Bahagian Badan Dalam Bahasa Mandarin

1. 头 tóu                 head          kepala

2. 头发 tóufǎ                 hair            rambut

3. 手 shǒu                 hand          tangan

4. 脚 jiǎo                 feet             kaki

5. 口 kǒu                 mouth        mulut

6. 耳朵 erduo                  ear             telinga

7. 眼睛 yǎnjīng                 eyes          mata

8. 鼻子 bízi                 nose          hidung

9. 嗓子 sǎngzi                throat         tekak

10. 牙 yá                 teeth           gigi

11. 肚子 dùzi                tummy        perut

12. 胳膊 gēbo                 arm             lengan

13. 腿 tuǐ                 leg               kaki

Two advantages of EDU Mandarin learning system

Flexible timetable at your convenience and flexible modes of payment.

1. Flexible modes of fee payment.  Our fee structure is flexible, it's depends on your area of residence, we charge RM 140 to 240 for Taman Melawati and Kajang centers.

In regards to our flexible fees system, your fee depends on the frequency of a student attend the classes.

Example, in our HQ Tmn Melawati, you pay RM 240 if you wish to attend 8 classes monthly. If you are busy in the next month, you are free to switch to 4 classes for RM140 package!

We have 4,8,12,16 or even 20 classes monthly packages. Each classes is 1.5 hours

Moreover, students are free to choose their convenient day of learning. If you really can't make it on that day, kindly notify the teacher & you may come in another day for replacement.

2. Flexible time table system!

We take turn to teach our students and all the students maybe in different levels.

We have one on one teaching, course ware, workbook, Q and A activities, by rotating these four activities we allow students with different levels to be in the same class and be taught by one or two teachers. Click to read more

红蜻蜓师资培训 (19.11.2017)反应热烈,名额已满,停止接受报名,抱歉!

由EDU Mandarin 讲师主讲,课题包括:

1.培养幼儿阅读及学习兴趣 2.红蜻蜓首100字汉字教学经验分享 3.如何教母语为华语者汉语 4.如何教母语非华语者汉语 5.中国崛起与当代汉语 6.认字:汉语教学的挑战现有方案 7.美国Quizlet系统作为辅助教材 8.简单而实用网络多媒体辅助


Negeri-negeri Malaysia Dalam Bahasa Mandarin

We promise to produce more local context videos soon! Enjoy this: Name of Malaysia's states in Mandarin

1.雪兰莪 Xuě lán ér Selangor

2.霹雳 Pīlì Perak

3.槟城 Bīn chéng Penang

4.吉打 Jí  dǎ Kedah

5.玻璃市 Bōlí shì Perlis

6.吉兰丹 Jí lán dān Kelantan

7.彭亨 Péng hēng Pahang

8.森美兰 Sēnměilán Negeri Sembilan

9.马六甲 Mǎliùjiǎ Melaka

10.柔佛 Róufú Johor

11.登嘉楼 Dēngjiālóu Terengganu

12.沙巴 Shāba Sabah

13.砂拉越 Shālāyuè Sarawak

Welcome Teacher Joyce!

Welcome Teacher Joyce! She graduated from UTAR with a Bachelor Degree in Chinese Studies! Currently based in PJ

Happy Deepavali

Dear parents and students, please be informed that, center will be closed on 18/10/17 (Wednesday) for Deepavali, classes will resumed as usual on 19/10/17(Thursday). Wish you all happy Deepavali & happy holiday . Thank You. Fr0m EDU Mandarin management

Wish to learn mandarin but no target to speak?

You are invited to join this Speak Mandarin Wechat group to practice your mandarin conversation! The group is supported by full time Mandarin teachers from  and Only those serious are encourage to join by sending "I wish to join your mandarin conversation group" to Wechat id: jyching1


We are beside the newly open Melawati Mall

The buses 🚌 to Melawati Mall will definitely  bring you to our center in Taman Melawati ! #Melawati Mall: Officially open tomorrow! Now you can drop you children for mandarin class at our HQ and pick them after your shopping!  (July, 2017)

>>Click here for view the full Map