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Dear students & parents,
Center will be closed on 24/6/2017 (Saturday) to 30/6/2017 (Friday) in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Classes will resumed as usual on 1/7/2017 (Saturday).
Happy holiday to all students and parents.

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Our online mandarin courses and the real classroom experience courses are specially designed in order to meet the demands of our students. Our centers are based in different places such as Taman Melawati (KL), Sri Hartamas, Kajang, SS25 (PJ), Rawang as well as Taman Tun (KL). Intake is now open to all working adults, students and children. Do contact us to confirm your seat in the program. 

Our New Centers are now open in Johor Bahru, Shah Alam and Sitiawan (Perak)

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+60166228057, +60129036155
Email: info@mandarinclass.my
Course Details: In English
Maklumat Kursus: Dalam Bahasa Malayu
课程详情: 华语详情
WeChat ID: jyching1

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Learning IGCSE Mandarin Language Exam System


Learning IGCSE mandarin language exam system from a local British teacher! The UK syllabus have been amended recently, a lot of things need to be updated.

Our Newsletter

In-depth Exchanges of Chinese Teaching

我们在英国伯明翰与现代中文学校校长关小兵 (右二)和教务主任李冉 (右)进行汉语教学深度交流。我们的交流是特别针对两国之间的汉语教学情况的差异、教学法、汉语水平考试以及IGCSE 中文等课题。我们彼此交换意见与经验,真是获益良多!

We conducted an in-depth exchanges of Chinese teaching together with the President of the Modern Chinese School, Guan Xiao Bing (Second from the right) as well as the Dean of Studies, Li Ran (right). Our exchanges are especially aimed at the differences in the Chinese teaching between the two countries, the teaching methods, the HSK proficiency test and the IGCSE. We really learned a lot through exchange ideas and experiences with each other. (June, 2017)

Teacher's Day Celebration

We are celebrating teacher’s day together with our students from Setia Budi school! We can see that our students have learn mandarin well under our guidance. This can be seen when they are capable of performing some mandarin conversations on stage. Practice makes perfect. Please do not hesitate to send us your children if you wish to see your children can speak mandarin in some day.

Bring our students to UM for HSK Exam

Bring our students to University Malaya for HSK Mandarin Proficiency Exam this morning! We wish all the candidates, especially our students in Kongzi Institute (University Malaya)'s exam center and those who are having the HSK Mandarin Proficiency and HSKK Exam from all over the world to perform well in their exams today. Let's wish them pass with flying colors! (May, 2017) 祝福全球今天参加汉语水平与汉语口语考试的考生们,特别是吉隆坡马来亚大学的学生们考试顺利!祝你们成功!  


High Quality Software- Great Wall Chinese Courseware

All students in EDU Mandarin enjoy this high quality software after learning! Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) is a complete set of learning courseware, include level 1-6 of the beginner courses for a new mandarin learner. It provides a clear and exquisite animation, grammatical questions, speaking tests and assessments.

Introductory Leaflet 单张简介

单张简介:汉语、网络课与汉语水平考试 Introductory Leaflet: Mandarin courses, Skype courses & HSK Exam

Our Bookshop

New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 1 新实用汉语课本 1 第 2 版 课本 (附赠 1 张 MP3)


《HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第六级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版

《HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第六级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

新 HSK 词汇突破 (1-3 级) / 外研社新 HSK 课堂系列


《新 HSK 词汇突破(1-3 级)》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第一至第三级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) 长城汉语单机版 (生存交际) (英语)

Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) is a complete set of learning courseware, include level 1-6 of the beginner courses for a new mandarin learner. It provides a clear and exquisite animation, grammatical questions, speaking tests and assessments. Buy Now >>

About us

Corporate Services 企业服务

These are some of the services that we have provided to the corporate and schools in Malaysia. Corporate representative or the school management are welcomed to contact and invite us for the services below: 欢迎企业的代表们以及学校的管理部联系我们,并邀请我们为你们提供这些服务:

1. Invite us to train your staff 邀请我们主持员工汉语培训
我们的黄老师以及她的学生们正在 KLCCPS Sdn.Bhd. (布特拉再也) 上汉语课。 Mandarin classes was conducted in a company in Putrajaya
2. Invite us to set-up the mandarin classes in your school 邀请我们为贵校或中心建立汉语课程
周老师正在Sek Rendah Setiabudi@ Gombak,Selangor
(UIA 国际学校) 教第一堂汉语课
An international school outsource their mandarin classes to us 
3.  Invite us to conduct Google AdWords Courses in Mandarin 邀请我们以汉语教谷歌AdWords 课程
我们在 Puchong 教搜索引擎广告课程。
Teaching Google Adwords training in Puchong
>>Click here for full article 

Guarantee Success Policy?

Guaranteed Mandarin Learning? We are aware that there are some centers out there do offer a guarantee package of mastering the mandarin language in less than 100 hours!(31st May 2016) >>Please click here for more information

Visit to the Mandarin school in Beijing!

Do you wish to have a short-term learning in Beijing? 

The Sinology Institute is located in the heart of Beijing, which is just inside the Northern Second Ring Road. Its surroundings feature some of the most prominent sights in the Beijing city, such as the Drum and the Bell Towers, the Houhai Lake and the Nanluoguxiang. Our teacher in China, Olivia (Guqi) has just paid a visit to this place and has negotiated a few collaborative programs with the institute. (16th May 2017) >>Please click here for more information

Another breakthrough of EDU Mandarin!

Just collected 29 HSK exam certificates from University Malaya this month, the largest number so far! Academic oriented training is always our philosophy!

领了29张汉语水平考试证书,是目前中心最多考生的一次!有谁想考试?目前在槟城与吉隆坡都有考点,或了解HSK奖学金?(6th August 2016) >> click to read more


Educational Tour from China


We received our first educational visitation today from China. During the visitation, the mainland students got the opportunity to practice their English, and our Malay students had their opportunity to practice their mandarin. Visitation members from Dongying City, Shandong Province. Team leader: Zhang Jun (teacher), Wuxin Xia (parent) Rui Yang Li (student) and Wang Wenrui (student).

Hope more international language exchange in future! (1st August 2016)

Challenge of China: Our first student go for Ph.D in China

While Lee Chong Wei will go for gold medal journey next month, our student Noor Suhana go for her PhD (Mechanical Engineering) at Qing Hwa University (Beijing) next month too. Both of them facing the same “challenge of China”. After learning mandarin with us for the last few months, she will start her doctorate candidate journey. And we are glad that she received full scholarship, living fees and monthly pocket money sponsored by China government!

Academic excellence and always fight for higher goal in life are our philosophy for the learning center and students!

Mastering Mandarin language, the largest language of the world, definitely widen your life and achievements! (22th July 2017)

Our teaching quality could be proven by external examination!

Congratulations to our students: Danesh, Arvin, Amilia Azmen, Nurul Athirah & all the students successfully achieved a flying color in their HSK exam which was held in University of Malaya. You could be the next. Please contact teacher Chow 012-9036155 for the next month examination consultation and registration. >> click to read more


We are expanding!

Teacher Chow was teaching the first class at Sek Rendah Setiabudi (under the international school of UIA) @ Gombak, Selangor. Feel free to contact us if you wish to setup mandarin classes for your center or school.(January 2016)