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Visitor from Africa (Part 2)

Another group of students are having mandarin conversation practice with the guest teacher Faith Wanjiku Mworia Do you wish to join and show your mandarin conversation skills? (Aug, 2017)

Visitor from Africa (Part 1)

Visitor from Africa comes to our center this morning!  She has a good mandarin conversation practice with the local Malay students! Who else wish to have a conversation practice with our guest teacher ? (Aug, 2017)  

Our Guest Teacher, Faith (Second from right) comes to our center this morning!



为了激发新马地区各界人士学好华文的自豪感,马来西亚科思达教育集团 (Crestar Education Malaysia Sdn Bhd)在总公司科思达集团和中国国家汉办-汉考国际的大力支持下,将于2017年9月23日(星期六)举办“第二届小学生国际华语水平大赛(新马地区)”。






任何需要进一步了解的问题,欢迎随时与 马来西亚科思达教育集团有限公司联系:

 电话:+603 5632 2663 / 5637        电邮:sinchi@crestar.com.my

July, 2017

We are beside the newly open Melawati Mall

The buses 🚌 to Melawati Mall will definitely  bring you to our center in Taman Melawati ! #Melawati Mall: Officially open tomorrow! Now you can drop you children for mandarin class at our HQ and pick them after your shopping!  (July, 2017)

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Our Center In Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Our Taman Tun classroom now reachable by the newly lunch MRT!

Only 13 minutes of walking according to Google Map! (July, 2017)

Photo Taking Session

甜不甜? 又是拍班级照时间,2017回教大学私立学校汉语班留影!     Again, it is the time for class photo session. The Chinese class of Private School of UIA are taking photos today! EDU Mandarin have partnering with the school to run mandarin language classes for the second years! (July, 2017)      

HSK Exam Training

为老师举办汉语教学系统与HSK汉语水平考试培训。槟城KDU大学校长钟明旂博士 (右二)亲自来参加培训! HSK exam training yesterday night! Dr. Chong (second from right), the principal of KDU University (Penang) attended our HSK training in person!
We train teacher, we teach students and send for external examination!  (July, 2017)

A Visit to the KDU Penang University College


We have paid a visit to the KUD University College in Penang and was warmly welcomed by the Principal , Dr Chong Beng Keok.

Before the visitation, EDU Mandarin has recommended a number of Northern students to sit for the HSK Exam in their examination center.

For your information, KDU is the only institution offer computer based HSK exam in Malaysia. We exchanged a number of issues with regards to the Chinese language teaching as well as the examination-related issues.

We have reached a mutual agreement with Dr Chong, which is to further encourage students to sit for the HSK exam in the future. Meanwhile, they also plan to invite us to conduct a talk on HSK Exam as well as the teaching system’s training at their university in the days to come. (July, 2017)

Photo session with Dr Choong, KDU vice chancelor (2nd from Right) and Diana Foo, Senior Education Advisor, teacher-in-charge for HSK KDU Penang (1st from Left)

Mdm Chow took photo with Diana Foo.

Mr Ching took photo in front of KDU Penang University College.

Signboard of the KDU Penang University College

Congratulations to Nur Aisyah Binti Mohammad

Level 5 HSK mandarin proficiency exam, scored 236 out of 300 marks in April 2017 sitting!

Congratulations to our Taman Melawati center student, Nur Aisyah Binti Mohammad. It is not easy for a non-Chinese to achieve such a flying color result. #颜色飞起来的好成绩

FYI, obtain a high score in HSK level 5, will enable you to enroll China university and it will qualified u to apply HSK scholarship from China Government.

In-depth Exchanges of Chinese Teaching in Birmingham (UK)

我们在英国伯明翰与现代中文学校校长关小兵 (右二)和教务主任李冉 (右)进行汉语教学深度交流。我们的交流是特别针对两国之间的汉语教学情况的差异、教学法、汉语水平考试以及IGCSE 中文等课题。我们彼此交换意见与经验,真是获益良多!

We conducted an in-depth exchanges of Chinese teaching together with the President of the Modern Chinese School, Guan Xiao Bing (Second from the right) as well as the Dean of Studies, Li Ran (right). Our exchanges are especially aimed at the differences in the Chinese teaching between the two countries, the teaching methods, the HSK proficiency test and the IGCSE. We really learned a lot through exchange ideas and experiences with each other.

IGCSE Mandarin, we are ready! (June, 2017)