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New center at Bukit Jelutong (Shah Alam)


No 41- 1st floor Trivo Suria Jelutong, Jalan Bazar P U8/P, Bukit Jelutong 40150 Shah Alam

Flexible Learning System

We adopt flexible learning system for all of our students. Even you have chosen your desired learning time slots, you are still free to swap your classes.

You may choose two slots (or more) per week. Don't worry about your hectic daily schedules. Just let us know if you can't attend any of your selected slots and we can adjust accordingly.

Each student has their personal record file, v will record down where the student stop for their last class, they will continue the syllabus at their next class.

Under this flexible system, your fee depends on the frequency of your classes.

Example, you pay RM 280 if you wish to attend 8 classes monthly. We have 4,8,12,16 or even 20 classes monthly packages.

Each classes is 1.5 hours

You are free to choose your day. Please choose the day you most probably can make it. If you really can't make it on that day, please notify teacher & you may come in others day for replacement.

Moreover, we adopt individual file system for every students, you have your own file to record your learning record. So, you no need to wait or rush for other students. Teacher will teach you individual according to your pace.

Don't you think this is the best learning system for working adults and busy students?

Puchong Prima NEW center!

Puchong Prima new center, another breakthrough from us! (just 100 meters from Puchong Prima LRT, estimated to start by June 2018)

Another wholly owned property by EDU Mandarin which has HSK Mandarin Proficiency Bookstore and equipped with high tech language lab which is exclusive for mandarin learning!

If you wish to know more, kindly click the WhatsApp link below and chat with us! http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60166228057

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Q & A


Hi! What are the contents/topics that we are going to learn in EDU Mandarin if we got no basic of mandarin language?


Level 1 Pinyin system, number (1-10,000) Greetings, First Meeting, Nationality and place of one’s origin, Occupation, Age, One’s height and weight, Address, telephone number, Family, Time and Basic personal information

Level 2 Date, week and holiday, Direction and locality, Describing object, Asking and telling way, Money and shopping, In the restaurant, Making tel. call, Talking about living quarters, Public transportation and Asking for help

# Able to sit for HSK Mandarin Proficiency Exam level 1 upon completion

New year New centre!

Tonight we officially started another centre at Bandar Country Homes (Rawang)! Anyone nearby Rawang wish to join? #LearnMandarinRawang

App is Ready! -Pandaword

#App is ready!  Now you can direct review your Great Wall and HSK exam vocabularies through hand phone! High qualifying audio, graphic and examples provided!

Search “PandaWord” at your App Store Or Google Play to download and enjoy it in this coming holidays! If need our support, kindly click link below:

If you wish to know further details, do click the whatsap link below and have conversation with us: http://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60166228057

2018 HSK Schedule

Hi, 2018 HSK schedule: Exam date: 20/1/18(Sat) Register by: 19/12/17

Exam date: 11/2/18(Sun) Register by: 11/1/18

Odonata Teachers Training Seminar 2017


红蜻蜓师资培训 (19.11.2017),由 EDU Mandarin 团队主讲,课题包括:

1.培养幼儿阅读及学习兴趣 2.红蜻蜓首100字汉字教学经验分享 3.如何教母语为华语者汉语 4.如何教母语非华语者汉语 5.中国崛起与当代汉语 6.认字:汉语教学的挑战现有方案 7.美国 Quizlet系统作为辅助教材: 8.简单而实用网络多媒体辅助

日期:19 th November 2017 (Sunday) 时间:9:30AM - 4:00PM *9:00AM 开始报名,招待早点  地点:Silka Hotel, Cheras KL (KM10, Jalan Cheras, 56000 K.L. +603 9100 1133 MRT Station : Taman Connaught)
                                                            To get documents of this seminar please click the link below: 幼儿成长旅程碑: Power Point file   教学法与汉语发展趋势Power Point File 2 汉语与中国崛起:Power Point File 3 红蜻蜓整全系统:弹性有效汉字教学方案: PPT4 Odonata-seminar-update

Invite us to conduct mandarin and HSK exam seminar for your school/ center, call 016622857 or email to info@mandarinclass.my

Seminar in Puchong

One Day Seminar Program @Puchong Bina Insan School. The student is introducing herself. Kindly click in to view the video! (October, 2017)