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In-depth Exchanges of Chinese Teaching

我们在英国伯明翰与现代中文学校校长关小兵 (右二)和教务主任李冉 (右)进行汉语教学深度交流。我们的交流是特别针对两国之间的汉语教学情况的差异、教学法、汉语水平考试以及IGCSE 中文等课题。我们彼此交换意见与经验,真是获益良多!

We conducted an in-depth exchanges of Chinese teaching together with the President of the Modern Chinese School, Guan Xiao Bing (Second from the right) as well as the Dean of Studies, Li Ran (right). Our exchanges are especially aimed at the differences in the Chinese teaching between the two countries, the teaching methods, the HSK proficiency test and the IGCSE. We really learned a lot through exchange ideas and experiences with each other. (June, 2017)

Mandarin Corner in PJ classroom 汉语学习与汉语水平专书角落

The HSK Mandarin Exam and the mandarin learning books’ corner at EDU PJ. In order to help the local mandarin learners, we have decided to set up more and more mandarin learning materials corners in few places meanwhile import more quality books from China! 我们于八打灵再也设立汉语水平考试与学汉语书籍角落!为了能更有效地帮助本地的汉语学习者,我们将在不同的地区设立更多的汉语学习与考试书籍角落,同时也将陆陆续续地从中国进口更多高品质的专书!(May 2017)


He Spent 3 years to pass HSK5!

He (Prasand) is a Malaysian Indian. He has finally received his HSK certificate from the Edu Mandarin Headquaters today! This is a very tense moment. We congrats him for passing his HSK Exam Level 5. (Contact us if you wish to join the same course or exam)

Since the beginning of 2014, he has spent a total of more than 3 years in learning the Mandarin language. He is a good student who is really consistent in attending the Mandarin class. I still remembered the day (every Saturday) he drove 40km from Subang Jaya to Taman Melawati, which is near to the National Zoo Negara just to learn Mandarin. He is an accountant and is currently working in Singapore. According to him, he would like to consider to learn the Great Wall Chinese Level 6 through internet with our teacher.

For your information, since last year, the Chinese authority require all foreigners who worked in China to pass HSK exam as one of the requirements for the success of working visa application. Meanwhile, all the universities in China has long set the passing of the HSK examination as one of the entry requirements. The certificate of the HSK Exam Level 5 he is holding in his hand now is enough to get him to study in the Mainland China universities in most of the disciplines. In addition to that, it is also enough for him to get his work permit.

Bear in mind that, there is no shortcut in learning language. There is no way that we could acquire a new language in such a short time. But, if we are to master the language, we must be psychologically prepared that this would be a long-term study. Please be careful as well to the misleading advertising that appears on the Malaysian market with regards to we are able to master the Mandarin language in just a few hours. This is totally a fraud!

We hope that you get inspired from his success story, meanwhile ready yourself in the way of learning Mandarin. Prepare yourself to fight for the long-term battle! We are definitely more than willing to walk with you through this journey of learning Mandarin. (April 2017)

Chinese Proficiency Exam (HSK) reference books Arrived from Beijing

There are various Chinese Proficiency Exam(HSK) reference books that have travelled a long way from Beijing and now have arrived at our KL head center! They are professional and authoritative, so surely there is one for you! Bookworms, let's get the party started! (April 2017)

International Teacher Qualification Certificate Training


We have joined the "International Teacher Qualification Certificate" ‘s training that was organized by the Office of Chinese Language Council at SEGI University. The course organizer have invited Dr Shi Guan Xin and Dr Zhang Li Man who came a long way from China in delivering the training session.

We believe that it is only through continuous training that able to improve our Chinese Language teaching qualities and serve the best to our students!

Been invited to be a speaker of Mandarin teacher training seminar

We were invited by the educational textbook publisher Odonata Private Limited (红蜻蜓出版社) to be the speaker of one day seminar for Mandarin Teacher on 1st November 2015 @ Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The main topic covered on the day was related to the methods and challenges of teaching Mandarin characters to the new learner as well as the way to handle the special needs children. (November 2015)

Invite us to your organization/ school for “Learning Mandarin as Second Language” seminar.


Higher academic achievement will always be our dreams and philosophy!

  Congratulations to our Director KS Chow for her awards ceremony of the Chartered College of Teachers (London). The awards ceremony was held at the Middlsex University in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh on May 2016. 恭贺卓越汉语中心董事周锦秀硕士,完成英国伦敦教师特许学院之特殊教育与儿童心理学文凭。毕业典礼于伦敦密德萨斯大学举行,并由英国国王菲利普亲王亲自主持。(June 2016)  

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Learn Mandarin and Sit for HSK Test in South East Asia



中国HSK汉语水平考试咨询活动 (说明、专书售卖、水平测试、现场报考),下周一 (五一劳动节) 在实兆远举行!.
HSK Mandarin exam appointment, Monday 01/5/17, 10am at Kampung Koh (SITIAWAN)
SMS or WhatsApp "SITIAWAN HSK" to 0166228057 to register your attendance, thanks.
For more Enquiry: tel 0129036155,0166228057

LEARN MANDARIN, then STUDY  & Explore in CHINA !!!

We are not only teaching mandarin language, but we also help you to study in China! There are too many universities or colleges in China and hence we will help you to make the best selection of suitable schools, institutions, universities and programs. EDU Mandarin (collaboration with PREC EDU) represents many universities in China to offer English-medium tertiary education, pre-university and non-degree courses in various fields of study like MBBS, Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Business, Marketing and Economics, Logistics, Tourism Management and etc.


We are the appointed education consultancy agent for many universities in China like Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Science ann Technology, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Nankai University, Qindao College and etc. Click for more information. (29th September 2016)

Chinese New Year decoration in EDU Mandarin. We are not only teaching you language, but we are also teaching you the cultural knowledge.


Our Partner - University Malaya's KongZi Institute

We can proudly announce to you that EDU Mandarin is now offering the HSK exam (Chinese Proficiency Exam) services which is inclusive of the trial exam, registration, per-examination consultation and special revision class. in addition to that, we are also selling the exam-related books and CD, Do call us for more info.