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Seminar in Puchong

One Day Seminar Program @Puchong Bina Insan School. The student is introducing herself. Kindly click in to view the video! (October, 2017)

More Detail About: Seminar Mandarin Language Bukit Puchong

To get documents of this seminar please click the link below:

Seminar's documents :

  1. Power Point of HSK 1 and HSK 2 : HSK 1 & 2
  2. Power Point of Mandarin Introduction: Mandarin Introduction
  3. Power Point of Pin Yin: Pin Yin
  4. Document of Bina Insan Sehari Mandarin Seminar: Bina Insan

Teacher in Action! Seminar Mandarin Language Bukit Puchong!

Seminar Bahasa Mandarin sehari @ Puchong Bina Insan Islamic School 为私立伊斯兰学校主办一日汉语学习营

For more photos and details please click the link below : https://goo.gl/s2qr1S

Nur Aisyah Receiving her HSK 5 certificate Today!

Nur Aisyah receiving her HSK 5 certificate today! She scored 236 out of 300 marks! We know that it is not easy for a non-Chinese to achieve such a flying color result. #颜色飞起来的好成绩

She was our Taman Melawati center student!Heart-fully congratulations ! 🎈🎊

FYI, obtain a high score in HSK level 5, which enable the student to enroll China university and it will qualified u to apply HSK scholarship from China Government.


Nur Aisyah  aims to be an English teacher and tour guide in future.

She told us the ability to speak mandarin brings a lot of advantages to her, even a Chinese businessman gave her special discount after she deal with him in mandarin! While waiting for her university offering, she was employed in a kindergarten because of her speaking mandarin advantage! She was teaching mandarin language in the kindergarten!

If you wish to join, just click WhatsApp link below and say “hi” to start our conversation:


Or direct contact 60166228057 for Free consultation

HSK exam sharing @ Sitiawan 30/8/2017!

This was an event organized by EDU Mandarin and Manjung Writing Organization. We had shared with audience on the purpose of HSK Chinese Proficiency test, the exam content as well as the topic on the current domestic and international condition in mandarin learning.

The Founder of Mandarin Discovery, Faith Wanjiku Mworia from Kenya shared on “Understanding Africa Kenya and the Mandarin learning condition in Africa”.

Feel free to contact us for organizing such seminar for your school or center in order to open the eye of teachers and students on the new trend of global language learning and the rise of China as new economic power !

Learning Mandarin Language in Kenya and Malaysia

A lot of students learning mandarin language in Kenya and Malaysia! Listen to two teachers from Africa and Malaysia, click to enjoy the video!

Discovery Chinese (Nairobi) and EDU Mandarin (KL), two mandarin schools with a lot of similarities and share the same passion ! #LearnMandarin #HSK#IGCSC #Nairobi

Congratulations to Elizabeth

恭喜!坚持学习,勇敢步入考场!欢喜领文凭! 伊丽莎白法英混血,父亲是英国人,母亲是法国人,她拥有英法双重国籍。为了梦想,她决定远赴中国考取医科文凭。趁着大学假期,来到卓越汉语,接受短期HSK四级密集课程。原来,就读武汉大学医学系的她,需要HSK四级文凭以符合实习与毕业需求。她勤能补拙的精神,让她在HSK 四级中考取了231/300分的亮眼成绩!这不仅能让她在学习中进展得更顺利,也能加强她的交际能力,可谓喜上加喜!我们也引以为荣!



Our congratulations to Elizabeth for her outstanding performance in the HSK exams, "Your persistence in learning Mandarin and your brevity to face the exams was outstanding, and today here we are as you receive your certificate with a joyful heart!

Elizabeth is half French and half English, Her father is British and her mother is French. In order to pursue her dream, she decided she will study her Bachelor of medicine in China. The Faculty of medicine in Wuhan university requires her to study and get a HSK level 4 in order to qualify for internship and graduation. Elizabeth joined our center (EDU MANDARIN) for a short term intensive class to enable her participate in HSK exams. Out of diligence and courage she was able to score 231 marks out of 300. Her outstanding performance will not only guarantee her a smooth progress in her studies but also enhance her communication skills. We are really proud of her.

We therefore hope that Elizabeth will carry along her memories of learning Mandarin in Malaysia as she continues to travel to other countries. Different people and different races are all able to gain mastery of any language and in our context, mastery of Chinese language, regardless of whether they are black or white as long as they are persistent and are using the right learning system. (Aug, 2017)

Magnificent Collaboration of International Talent

We was having dinner together with Faith and Chengai Ling. Teacher Faith is the founder of "Discovery Chinese"center in Nairobi, Kenya. She is amongst the few Africans who can communicate in Chinese fluently. Teacher Chengai Ling came from the town of Bintulu in the state of Sarawak, she had a Masters degree in Chinese studies and ready to join our team. 

We have waited for so long and are excited about this magnificent collaboration of International talent! (August, 2017)

HSK Chinese Proficiency Test and Mandarin Learning Seminar in Sitiawan

“HSK Chinese Proficiency Test and Mandarin Learning” Seminar on 30 August 2017 (Wednesday) 8pm in Manjung Writing Organization (Pertubuhan Penulis Manjung) center.

This is an event organized by both Edu Mandarin and Manjung Writing Organization. We will analyse the purpose of HSK Chinese Proficiency test, the exam content as well as the topic on the current domestic and international condition in Mandarin Learning.

We have invited the Founder of Mandarin Discovery, Faith Wanjiku Mworia from Kenya, Africa to conduct a talk on “Understanding Africa Kenya and the Mandarin learning condition in Africa”.

Besides, Mr Ching Jin Yih, the principal of Edu Mandarin will also lecture you on “The Language Planning of Mandarin as Mother Tongue and Second Language in today’s world” to analyse the Mandarin Learning condition in our country, the similarities and differences between them as well as the pathway it is leading to.

In addition to that, the founder of Edu Mandarin, Madam Chow Kim Siew will be analysing the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test’s exam content,format as well as its preparation and answering technique.

The organizers will also display and selling the imported HSK Chinese Proficiency Test textbook, reference books and past year examination papers from China at that night. Everyone is welcomed to attend our seminar, especially those who wish to learn Mandarin. Please contact 0166228057 or visit www.mandarinclass.my for more information.






Ceramah “Ujian Bahasa Cina HSK dan Pelajaran Bahasa Cina”.

SITIAWAN: Ceramah “Ujian Bahasa Cina HSK dan Pelajaran Bahasa Cina”.

EDU Mandarin bersama dengan Pertubuhan Penulis Manjung (PPM) akan menganjurkan ceremah bertopik “Ujian Bahasa Cina HSK dan Pelajaran Bahasa Cina” di Persatuan PPM pada 30 Ogos (Rabu) 8.00pm. Ceremah ini akan diadakan di pejabat PPM di Seri Manjung.

Ceramah ini bertujuan untuk memperluaskan pengetahuan masyarakat Majung tentang  kepentingan Ujian HSK dan kandungan ujian. Sementara itu, Penceramah kami juga akan membincangkan topik-topik yang berkaitan dengan keadaan pelajaran Bahasa Cina dalam negara kita. Pihak pengajur telah menjemput pengasas Discovery Chinese dari Kenya Afrika untuk membincangkan keadaan pelajaran Bahasa Cina di Kenya.

Tambahan pula, pegetua  EDU Mandarin Ching Jin Yih akan membicarakan mengenai pembelajaran Bahasa Cina sebagai bahasa pertama dan bahasa kedua pada masa terkini serta kebezaannya kedua-dua kaedah tersebut.

Di samping itu, Pengasas EDU Mandarin Chow Siew Kim akan menerangkan mengenai isi kandungan dan format Ujian HSK serta teknik-teknik untuk menjawab Ujian HSK.

Pada malam tersebut, pihak pengajur juga akan mempamerkan buku-buku pangajaran Ujian HSK, buku bantuan Ujian HSK dan buku contoh soalan perperiksaan tahunan lepas. Pihak yang berminat untuk membelajari Bahasa Cina amat digalakkan untuk menghadirkan diri ke ceramah ini. Untuk pengetuahuan yang lebih lanjut sila bertelefon kepada 016228057 atau melayari ke www.mandarinclass.my .