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*Good news! *
One on one online Mandarin class as low as *RM40 per class. *

The Concepts and Fees Structure for Online Learning

Learn mandarin by Online Learning?

Our teacher will teach you via Skype, it is normally once online session weekly (negotiable) for 30 min only, the charges is RM40 per class.

The concepts are as below:

· One on one teaching (via Skye, Zoom, WhatApps, …)

· Course ware learning via Beijing based Great Wall Chinese Platform ( desktop & mobile version available)

· Workbook exercise (do at home and answers will be provided upon completion)

· Conversation / Speaking with teacher in mandarin via Whatsapp.

Our e-learning system not only equip with desktop version, but also with mobile version!

We suggest those who consider to join to arrange a free Skype appointment with our teacher in order to feel how the class via Skype will be conducted.

Timing for the class? You will discuss with the teacher that we appointed for you, if not suitable after discussion, we will appoint another for you. Online Learning class adopts flexible timing, student is free to adjust the time with your teacher! But if *last minute cancelled class full fees will b charged. *

Fees Structure for Online Learning

One student package is
RM160 per month for 4 classes, each class is 30 min. (RM4.4=USD 1)

One time registration fee:
Deposit: RM200
Material: RM220 (not inclusive the posting fee)
Great Wall Chinese online Platform RM300 per year
Grand total for 1st time payment: RM880

Let me know if you agree with the fee (RM 160 monthly) and the concept, than we will assign a teacher to further communicate and have a Trial class with you.

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Online Link, Listen MP3 Audio of HSK Standard Course Coursebooks:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4a

Level 4b

Level 5a

Level 5b

Level 6a

Level 6b


下载 ANSWERS _HSK Standard Course _Textbooks and Workbooks:



新实用汉语教程 (NPCR Textbook Latest Edition)课本语音下载





新实用汉语教程 练习册(NPCR Workbook)语音下载





新实用汉语教程 (NPCR Textbook First_Version) 第一版课本语音下载


第二级: https://goo.gl/tTHU5t






当代中文 音频 :



长城汉语 :

长城汉语翻译练习本 (GWC Translation Practice) 下载:https://goo.gl/nxMEf7

长城汉语练习册汉字书写答本 (GWC Workbook Chinese Character Answer) 下载:https://goo.gl/AZ36SR

长城汉语 (GWC_Q&A) 文本下载:https://goo.gl/iCsqA9

长城汉语会话练习 (GWC Speaking)下载 :https://goo.gl/V4iHJG

长城汉语课本 (GWC Textbook)下载  :https://goo.gl/Yed1JS

长城汉语附加练习(GWC Extra Exercise)下载 :http://shorturl.at/tBLW3

长城汉语附加练习答案(GWC Extra Exercise Ans)下载 https://bit.ly/3e1yhtT

长城汉语4月9日线上分享会:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1D-pjEXQ23DoKQWssQtm-OQ 提取码:btxq

长城汉语PPT: http://shorturl.at/dzGKV

红蜻蜓读本 (Odonata)

红蜻蜓读本 (Odonata)下载  :http://shorturl.at/vFMQZ

红蜻蜓字表 (Odonata)下载  :http://shorturl.at/hpQ23

红蜻蜓测验 (Odonata)下载http://shorturl.at/hpQ24


Progreesive Record下载http://shorturl.at/lotGX


IGCSE Chinese syllabus

IGCSE 0523 下载 :Document of  IGCSE 0523

IGCSE 0547 下载 : Document of IGCSE 0547

IGCSE First Language: Document


11 Dec 2019 Seminar PPT

Seminar HSK 1-6 PPT: http://shorturl.at/lrHMW

Seminar IGCSE PPT: http://shorturl.at/ghqxE

Seminar Book for Right Target PPT:shorturl.at/dkHV6 http://shorturl.at/kuINP



Video of GWC Apps: https://youtu.be/AAckuPKZmOI

Video of GWC in PC: https://youtu.be/dbzpt_GyHNI

FB live PPT: http://shorturl.at/dkHV6

教学 PPT (一般词汇): http://shorturl.at/gnGP4


长城汉语级别测试试卷、答案卷与测试语音 (GWC Level Assessment)

 级别 试卷 (PDF) 答案卷 (PDF) 测试语音 (Listening Part)
Level 1 Question Answer MP3
Level 2 Question Answer MP3
Level 3 Question Answer MP3
Level 4 Question Answer MP3
Level 5 Question Answer MP3
Level 6 Question Answer MP3