Adults and Children (Beginner)

With our system, you can start your mandarin learning anytime!

Online intake

 1) All Levels Individual Class: RM40-80 per Session  Open: start anytime


One-to-one tutelage, zero to Advanced level syllabus!

Recommended package: Two students package (one to two) is RM240 per month for 4 classes, each class is 45 min.

Online One to one (two), package available:

Rm40/30 min

Rm60/45 min

Rm80/60 min

Our teacher will teach you via Zoom or Skype, it is normally once online session weekly (negotiable) for 45 min, the charges is RM60 per class (beginners level). (Monthly fee=RM60 X 4=RM240)

# RM4.4=USD 1

The concepts are as below: 

1) One on one teaching (via Skye, Zoom, WhatsApp, …) 

2) Workbook exercise (do at home and answers will be provided upon completion) 

3) Conversation / Speaking with teachers through   

4) Courseware learning via Beijing based Great Wall Chinese & Quizlet platform. 

We suggest those who consider to join our online classes to arrange a Skype /Zoom trial class with our teacher in order to feel how the class via Skype /Zoom will be conducted.

Timing for the class? You will discuss with the teacher that we appointed to contact you, if you felt the teacher is not suitable after the online trial, do contact back us and we will appoint another teacher for you.  

Online Learning class adopts flexible timing, student is free to adjust the time with your teacher! (Please avoid last minute cancellation) 

Direct purchase from Shopee, and wait for our teacher to contact you:


Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or call us directly at +6016-622 8057 / +6012-903 6155 or Email: [email protected]


Physical Class

New intake every month!  we customize the course for you!

No need to wait!

No minimum student required to start a new class, you can enroll NOW!

Agent of Student Visa Services

Now available at Taman Melawati (KL), Kajang, SS25 (PJ), Taman Tun (KL), Puchong Prima (beside LRT), Shah Alam, Johor Bahru, Rawang & Sitiawan. Our courses are integrated with HSK examination that organized by China government!

IGCSE Mandarin, we are ready!

HSK Mandarin, we are ready!

Your progress of learning will be recorded carefully, so student can learn according to their own pace, which mean that every student will be learning individually and teacher will also be teaching individually in the group according to the student’s level and progress.

So, whether you are fast or slow learner, you no need to feel pressure because others are progressing faster or worry that you need to wait for others if you are learning faster:-))

Mandarin Class For All (RM 140 monthly only for Melawati & Kajang branch, please compare our price)


We also have branches in Taman Melawati (KL), Kajang, TTDI, Puchong and PJ. We can be contact by +6016-622 8057 / +6012-903 6155.

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The following 3 groups of people are our targeted students:

    • Chinese or non-Chinese who do not have formal mandarin education background to join our beginner Mandarin courses that focus more on conversation first . We use the most updated Great Wall Chinese system.
    • Those who have been raised in Chinese family and understand mandarin speaking but have no formal mandarin education to join our mandarin characters course.
  • Student who had enrolled or plan to enroll in Malaysia Chinese primary school. We will prepare your mandarin foundation to meet the high standard of Chinese school.
    Thank you for your enquiry and interest in joining our high quality yet affordable Mandarin class.

We are young, but we could success in mandarin test!



We provide Beijing standard mandarin, which enable students to master basic mandarin conversation skills, the most frequent used characters in order to equip with daily conversational and reading needs.

We use both e-learning and live in person methods. In other words, We not only provide face to face teaching in classroom, but also provide series of (FREE of Charge for our students) e-learning solutions to help our students after school, such as e-flashcard ,video clip to watch, CD-Rom to enhance our students’ skills.


Sitting HSK Mandarin happily in Universtity of Malaya

Sitting HSK Mandarin happily in University of Malaya

Our textbook: Great Wall Chinese (for adults) and Odonata series (for both children and adult)

Our center location: Taman Melawati, opposite 7-11 shop.

We offer children class (5-12 years old), teenager and adult class (13-60 years old), The fee structures are as below:

Package 1 (8 Classes monthly) (please compare our price) A student will be learning in small group (maximum 8 students only) or with family member:
 Small group class Monthly Fee
Children RM 280 * (8 lessons)
Teenagers & Adults RM 280 * (8 lessons)

*One and half hour for each lesson.
*Fee to be paid at the first week of every month. We apply monthly fee system, not pay according to attendance.

Materials for child

Materials for adult

Package 2 (4 Classes monthly) (please compare our price) A student study in small group (maximum 8 students only) or with family member:
 Small group class (5-7 students)  Monthly Fee  (Taman Melawati and Kajang only)
Children RM 160 * (4 lessons)
Teenagers & Adults RM 160 * (4 lessons)
For those who prefer individual one to one class, your learning hours will be discussed between you and the teacher. The package as follows:
Private class (one to one) Monthly Fee  (Taman Melawati, Kajang, JB & Rawang)
Children, Teenagers & Adults RM 400 * (4 lessons)
Children, Teenagers & Adults RM 800 * (8 lessons)

*One and the half hour for each lesson.
*Fee to be paid at the first week of every month. We apply monthly fee system, instead of one lump sum course fee.

Note: Other packages such as intensive class or holiday class also available based on one’s personal need and financial ability.

The pricing above applies to Taman Melawati and Kajang centers, other centers may charge differently. Please click here for more information: PJ’s Fee Structure


Click here for adult course in more detail: Great Wall Chinese Syllabus




Please fill in feedback form below, or call us directly at +6016-622 8057 / +6012-903 6155 or Email: [email protected]

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Note: All of our courses are registered and claimable under the Human Resource Development Fund  (HRDF) of Malaysia