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配搭开创汉语事业, 或 汉语家教

本院经营对外汉语十余年,非华裔学生已达百余人,并且发展出适合市场,并且拥有自成一格的教学系统,诚意邀请全国各地教育中心配搭,共同开拓市场。我们将提供系统培训、教材辅助、网络宣传,IPA国际汉语认证文凭 等。



Partnering with Profeesonals

Our Mandarin Resource Centre is committed to ensuring that your educational Centres… get the best support and programmes to accelerate student progress.


We have proven experience and expertise in:

  • working with Mandarin learners in years 5- to adults

  • designing and delivering online and face-to-face programmes for students

  • providing innovative online and face-to-face support for teachers and teacher aides.

Our Resource Centre offers the following Services/Resources

  • Books

  • Teachers Training ….IPA international Mandarin Teacher Accreditation training


Contact to discuss how the Mandarin Resource Centre can support you to achieve the best outcomes for your students.


申请成为全职 / 兼职汉语教师,请游览

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