Measure Word

1本 běn for book, magazine
2只 zhǐ for small animal; seekor
3头 tóu for big animal; seekor
4条 tiáo for a bendable object
5位 wèi for human; seorang
6个 gè for human or any object
without specific measure word
7口kǒu for family member
8件 jiàn for cloth; sehelai; an incident
9粒 lì for small round object; sebiji
10杯 bēi a cup of; secawan
11块 kuài a cubic object; seketul
12张 zhāng for wide surface
object; sehelai
13间jiān for small room
14座 zuò for big object; sebuah
15双 shuāng a pair of; sepasang
16辆 liàng for vihecle
17台 tái for electronic machine ect.
18把 bǎ for a long rod; sebatang
19瓶píng a bottle
20份fèn an issue of (magazine ect.)
21幅fú for painting
22套tào set; suite
23匹pǐ for horses
24场chǎng for event;incident
25部bù for films, work of literature
26顿dùn for a number of meal
27度dù for temperature (degree)
28棵kē for tree
29束shù a bundle; bunch
30句jù for sentences
31步bù a step; move
32期qī an issue (magazine, newspaper)
33排pái a row, line
34篇piān an article
35队duì a team
36些xiē some

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