Noun (weather)

天 tiān day
雨 yǔ rain
1雨天 yǔtiān rainy day
2晴天 qíngtiān sunny day
3阴天 yīn tiān cloudy day
季 jì season
4春季 chūnjì spring season
5夏季 xiàjì summer season
6秋季 qiū jì autumn season
7冬季 dōngjì winter season
8雷 léi thunder
9雪 xuě snow
10闪电 shǎndiàn lighting
11毛毛雨 máomaoyǔ drizzle
12气温 qìwēn temperature
13 天气 tiānqì weather
14天气预报tiānqì yùbào weather forecast

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节 jié festival
1圣诞节 shèngdàn jié Christmas
2春节 chūnjié
Chinese New Year
3中秋节 zhōngqiū jié
Mid Autumn Festival
4母亲节 mǔqīn jié Mother day
5父亲节 fùqīn jié Father day
6感恩节 gǎnēn jié
Thanksgiving day
7复活节 fùhuó jié Easter day
8国庆节 guóqìng jié National day
9开斋节 kāizhāi jié Hari Raya
10卫塞节wèi sāi jié Wesak day
11屠妖节tú yāo jié Deepavalli
12元旦 yuándàn New year day
13新年 xīnnián New year

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