Noun (Tourism spots)

1双峰塔Shuāng fēng tǎ Twin Tower
2谷中城Gǔzhōng chéng Mid Valley
3独立广场Dúlì guǎngchǎng Dataran Merdeka
4阳光广场Yángguāng guǎngchǎng Suria KLCC
5中环车站Zhōnghuán chēzhàn KL Sentral
6富都车站Fù dōu chēzhàn Pudu Raya
7巴生车站Bāshēng chēzhàn Klang Bus Station
8国家皇宫Guójiā huánggōng National Palace
9国家 动物园Guójiā dòngwùyuán National Zoo
10国家体育馆Guójiā tǐyùguǎn National Stadium
11吉隆坡塔Jílóngpō tǎ KL Tower
12吉隆坡火车站Jílóngpō huǒchē zhàn KL Train Station
13城中城Chéngzhōng chéng KLCC
14湖滨公园Húbīn gōngyuán Tasik Perdana
15浮罗交怡Fúluōjiāoyí Langkawi
16邦咯岛Bāng gē dǎo Pangkor Island
17乐浪岛Lè làng dǎo Redang Island
18金马仑高原Jīnmǎ lún gāoyuán Cameron Highland
19云顶高原Yúndǐng gāoyuán Genting Highland
20福隆港Fú lóng gǎng Fraser Hill
21黑风洞Hēi fēng dòng Batu Caves

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"Ni-hao” and welcome to EDU Mandarin. Thank you for contacting us and your keen interest to learn Mandarin. We provide flexibility in Chinese class scheduling and location.

Our Teachers will help you and your classes will be specially designed to help you find the way not only to get started learning Chinese, but also to continue helping until you have a good grasp of the basics required to speak and read the language.

Currently we have several Mandarin centers strategically located in Taman Melawati, Kajang, PJ and Sitiawan (Perak) to cater the demand of working adults/students from various locations. Alternatively you could also opt for and consider our “Online Learning" solution if you staying place is far from these centers.

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Why Learning Mandarin?

The value of a Mandarin language is its usefulness, not just in Singapore, but also in the wider world. If you speak Hokkien or Cantonese, you reach some 60 million in Fujian and Taiwan, or about 100 million in Guangdong and Hong Kong. With Mandarin, you can speak to 1,300 million Chinese from all provinces in China. Now, overseas Chinese and foreigners are learning Mandarin.

Lee Kuan Yew (Senior Minister of Singapore)

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