Visit to the Mandarin school in Beijing!

Do you wish to have a short-term learning in Beijing? 

The Sinology Institute is located in the heart of Beijing, which is just inside the Northern Second Ring Road. Its surroundings feature some of the most prominent sights in the Beijing city, such as the Drum and the Bell Towers, the Houhai Lake and the Nanluoguxiang. Our teacher in China, Olivia (Guqi) has just paid a visit to this place and has negotiated a few collaborative programs with the institute.

The Sinology Institute was founded in 2005, with the goal of bringing the Mandarin Chinese to the learners from all over the world. There are more than 4,000 students have studied at the Sinology Institute as of year 2012. Among the students were Anne Rogge, the wife of IOC President Jacques Rogge, and the Princess Laura of Belgium.

The Head Teacher of the Sinology Institute, Zhou Hongxia is sending her video message to the friends and the mandarin learners of Malaysia, please click it and enjoy yourself.

Do feel free to contact us if you wish to have a short-term learning to Beijing! (16th May 2017)

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