Two advantages of EDU Mandarin learning system

Two advantages of EDU Mandarin learning system:

Why study in EDU Mandarin? Flexible timetable at your convenience and flexible modes of payment.

1. Flexible modes of fee payment. 
Our fee structure is flexible, it’s depends on your area of residence, we charge RM 140 to 240 for Taman Melawati and Kajang centers.

In regards to our flexible fees system, your fee depends on the frequency of a student attend the classes.

Example, in our HQ Tmn Melawati, you pay RM 240 if you wish to attend 8 classes monthly. If you are busy in the next month, you are free to switch to 4 classes for RM140 package!

We have 4,8,12,16 or even 20 classes monthly packages. Each classes is 1.5 hours

Moreover, students are free to choose their convenient day of learning. If you really can’t make it on that day, kindly notify the teacher & you may come in another day for replacement.

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2. Flexible time table system!

We take turn to teach our students and all the students maybe in different levels.

We have one on one teaching, course ware, workbook, Q and A activities, by rotating these four activities we allow students with different levels to be in the same class and be taught by one or two teachers.

Since we have students in different levels in the same class, we engage one teacher per group to only teach 5-6 students. Thus we don’t teach crowds of students.

You could choose two slots (or more) from the time table. Don’t worry, just let us know if you can’t attend occasionally according to the selected slots.

This flexible system similar to the system of Kumon, every student has a personal file, and teacher takes turn to teach. We adopted this system due to adult students been unable to learn under fixed time system that is practiced in most of educational institutions.

Adults and busy students have very uncertain timings, as a result we adopted a flexible learning system for all our students.

This system applies also to children classes.

Feel free to raise your questions, we hope to serve you the best! (November, 2017)