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Our online mandarin courses and the real classroom experience courses are specially designed in order to meet the demands of our students. Our centers are based in different places such as Taman Melawati (KL), Sri Hartamas, Kajang, SS25 (PJ) as well as Taman Tun (KL). Intake is now open to all working adults, students and children. Do contact us to confirm your seat in the program. 

Our New Centers are now open in Johor Bahru, Shah Alam and Sitiawan (Perak)

Call us for further enquiries @ +6016-622 8057, +6012-903 6155 (WeChat and WhatsApp call & SMS are available)

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Course Detail (English)           Maklumat Kursus           课程详情

Our First-Full Time Partner in China.

Gu Qi (Kate Janelle Binns) is a Chinese-born language teacher. She graduated from Ningxia University, major in Chinese Language and Literature and minor in English Language. Gu Qi is an educator who has a good command of both Chinese and English Language and been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language as well as Chinese-English translation upon graduation. She recently flew to Malaysia to undergo a one month training and communication.

She will be the first full-time China partner of the Edu Mandarin Center. Besides, she will be conducting the online Chinese teaching to the Malaysia students directly from China. We believe that with her in-depth understanding of China, our students must be able to further understand the emerging world economic power. We also believe that her pure Chinese accent, it will definitely help the students to have a better understanding on the Chinese pronunciation that is near to the Chinese accent!

With a reluctant heart, teacher Gu Qi is taking photo with the center’s teachers and students before she returns to her country.


WeChat ID: jyching1

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(Ministry of Education registration no.: BZ3G973)

Kami memakai perisian ini SELEPAS pengajaran 1-demi-1 di antara guru dan pelajar.


Great Wall Chinese Software (Courseware) merupakan suatu set perisian pengajian lengkap yang diimport dari Beijing, yang melingkungi kursus pengajian tahap 1-6 (60 unit) bagi pelajar Mandarin baru.

Perisian ini menyediakan:

1. Animasi yang jelas dan menarik untuk pelajar baru untuk meningkatkan pemahaman anda.

2. Bahagian “meniru dan memanding” agar pelajar belajar untuk menyebut, rekod dan berulang bagi memperbaiki sebutan mereka.

3. Latihan-latihan sosial, perkataan, tatabahasa dan fonetik turut dilingkungi dalam bahagian latihan kemahiran.

Untuk versi percubaan, sila layari:

Our Newsletter 我们的消息


在马来西亚世纪学院, 接受中国国家汉办之《国际教师资格证》培训。从中国请来的讲师史冠新博士,滔滔不绝演讲中!


(英文名称 Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language 缩写为 CTCSOL)


We have accepted the “International Teacher Qualification Certificate” ‘s training that was organized by the Office of Chinese Language Council International at SEGI University. The course organizer have invited Dr Shi Guan Xin who came a long way from China in delivering the training session. Dr Shi is delivering his lecture fluently.

We believe that it is only through continuous training in order to push the Chinese Language teaching to the international level. And, only the real power is the way to survive!

此君Akhil 从印度孟买来马经商,欲于年底赴香港攻读工商管理硕士。他购买我们的汉语学习书籍,也报名参加我们的网络汉语课程。古老师将在中国为在印度的他进行网络直接教学,而我们则在吉隆坡负责收费!足以见得,全球化效应正静悄悄地进入教育界了!




Akhil from Mumbai, India came to Malaysia for business. He will soon be studying for a master of business administration in Hong Kong later in the year. He has bought our Great Wall Chinese books and has already registered to join our online learning class. Our Teacher Gu will be conducting the online learning class for him who is in India directly from China and we will be collecting the fees in Kuala Lumpur. From here itself, we can see that the effect of globalization has quietly entered the education field.

We have talked to him about the reason of why he chose to enrol the Mandarin Class in Malaysia. We have come to know that it is because the tuition fee in Malaysia is very much cheaper as compared to the tuition fee in Beijing.

I told him that Malaysia is actually a country with much land and few people. Therefore, we are at a low level whether it is in the grocery price or the house price. This also explains why we can charge a lower price as compared to the others.

Malaysia definitely has enough Chinese teachers. Meanwhile, Chinese is the first language of the Malaysia Chinese. In addition to that, we have also mastered the English language. We, who mastered in both languages can absolutely provide the services that is in good quality but at a low price. Have you not aware of this? (April 2017)

A group of Meeting with UM Kongzi Mandarin Institute


We have just paid a visit to the Confucian Institute (Kong Yuan) to receive the Certificates of Mandarin Proficiency Test on behalf of our students. Shortly afterwards, we are having a meeting with the Dean of Institute, Mr Cheng Zhong. We learned from him that the Confucian Institute in Malaysia is actually hosted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University. (March 2017)


Mandarin Class @ Shah Alam

Malay Students Group

Malay Students Group

A group of Malay students form themselves into a group and contact us on the matter of their enrollment in the Great Wall Chinese Level 1 course upon the completion of their SPM Examination. This class is lead by Teacher Chua from Klang.
一群刚考完大马教育文凭考试的马来学生们自行组成汉语班,并联系我们以报读卓越汉语的初级汉语课程。卓越汉语中心的蔡老师受派教导这群马来学员们。(March 2017)


We started our first class in UiTM (Shah Alam) yesterday. It was held in the café owned by one of their students! Photo credits to Teacher Choo. (March, 2017)


Beijing Foreign Language-Teachings and Research Press

The representative of Beijing Foreign Language Teachings and Research Press (外研社) – Miao Qiana has visited us last Saturday. FYI, Foreign Language press is one of the leading publishers in the field of learning mandarin as a second language!
We have discussed and come to agree that more quality books will be imported from Beijing so that the needs of our students in Malaysia can be met and meanwhile improve their learning efficiency! (Feb, 2017)


 ASEAN Chinese Language and Culture Conference

Attending The First ASEAN Chinese Language and Culture Conference
Venue 地点: Mezzanine Floor , Wisma MCA , KL 吉隆坡马华大厦 M 楼会议室(Feb 2017)


Congratulations and Happy Marriage to our Teacher Lim!

Congratulations and Happy Marriage to our Teacher Lim!

May God bless this newly-wed couple. Lim had been partnering with us as the early childhood mandarin language teacher for the last 10 years! (2 Jan 2017)

seminar china economy

Attending Seminar on China Economy Today.
This is the First Forum in Malaysia ‘The One Belt One Road’ and Free Trade Zone: China’s New Open Door Initiative and Measure.
The forum’s keynote speaker: Professor Justin Yi Fu Lin
The Guest of Honour: Datuk Johari bin Abdul Ghani.
Our Principal J.Y. Ching (standing on the left) and Dr Huang Hui Kang (Ambassador of China to Malaysia) (standing on the right) are sending greeting to one another after the Seminar. (19 Dec 2016)

2017 HSK Mandarin Exam Timetable


Timetable for HSK Mandarin Exam 2017 is officially announced. Year 2017 January’s exam falls on 14th Jan 2017 (Saturday) and the deadline for registration falls on 18th December 2016 (paper-based exam) and 4th Jan 2017 (computer-based exam) respectively.
HSK exam is now available in both Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Call us if you wish to know more details. Free consultation is provided too. (60129036155)

New activity: Mandarin Character Key-In System 汉字输入法

mandarin character key-in system
Our students are now encouraged to learn the mandarin key-in system of the mandarin course. This skill enables you to type the Chinese Characters to your handphone and PC, including the use of the Google Pinyin. Please bring along your laptop for the installation of the Google Pinyin software! (9 Dec 2016)


Welcome the Teacher from China to join our team


You can now learn mandarin at home. We have teacher from China! Please click here to know more details.
古琦 Kate Janelle Binns was graduated from Ningxia University. She is a Bachelor Degree holder major in Chinese Language Literature and minor in English Language. She joins our online learning team this month and currently she is staying in Guangzhou (China). Kindly click here to know more about our teachers. (3 Nov 2016)


GuangZhou China Bookstore

We are purchasing the latest HSK exam and mandarin learning books from Guangzhou, China. We wish to improve our teaching and learning qualities with the most updated materials! (29 Sep 2016)

Pameran Antarabangsa di Dongguan China

Kami adalah ahli Dewan Perniagaan Malaysia-China, bermatlamat membantu para pelajar menguasaai Bahasa Mandarin ala China, berniaga serta belajar di China.
Hari ini berpeluang menyertai Pameran Antarabangsa di Dongguan China anjuran Dewan Perniagaan Malaysia-China. Kelihatan ramai pengusaha Malaysia sedang mempamerkan produk-produk mereka, seperti sarang burung, ais krim potong, tongkak ali, kopi dan durian. Ramai antara para peniaga Malaysia yang berkaum Cina dan malahan Melayu fasih berbahasa mandarin dan bercita-cita untuk mengembangkan perniagaan di China.
Belajarlah Mandarin sekarang, berkunjung dan berniaga ke China! (27 Sep 2016)


Visitor from Malacca

Visitor from Malacca - teacher Lin Rui Long 林瑞龙

We feel delighted to have Teacher Lin Rui Long (林瑞龙) from College of Yayasan Saad Malacca with us today. Teacher Lin is the Head of Mandarin Language of the boarding school. According to him, the college will soon be having Mandarin as a compulsory subject to encourage students to sit for the HSK Mandarin Exam. Lin has paid a visit to the EDU Mandarin and we exchanged our teaching experiences together especially on our experiences in preparing students for the HSK Mandarin exam. We do welcome such academic visitations as well as the experience exchanges. (15th October 2016)

7 Reasons Why Study With Us?

Reason #3 Flexible Learning System: Package, Time, Location and Mode

We have centers at Taman Melawati, Kajang, PJ, Taman Tun and Sitiawan (Perak). You are free to change in between these centers with the same syllabus to ensure that you do not miss any of our lesson. Alternatively, you may consider our Online Learning Solution if you are staying too far from our centers. Besides, you may also allow to change from the real classroom learning mode to the online learning mode or vice versa!

Furthermore, students are allowed to change their monthly packages (which is 4 classes, 8 classes or 12 classes in a month)! You are free to change your number of learnings based on your needs or the flexibility and availability of your time! (15 October 2016)

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We use this software AFTER teaching


Great-Wall Chinese Series 长城汉语

Great Wall Chinese Software (Courseware) is a complete set of learning software that includes Level 1 to Level 6 (60 units) of the beginner course. It provides:

1. Clear and attractive animations to enhance your understanding.

2. “Imitating and Comparing” parts for learner to try to pronounce, record and repeat which enable them to improve their pronunciation.

3. Social exercise, words exercise, grammar exercise, character exercise and phonetic exercise are included in skill training parts as well.  (15 October 2016)

>> Click to explore more with the trial version!

LEARN MANDARIN, then STUDY  & Explore in CHINA !!!

We are not only teaching mandarin language, but we also help you to study in China!
There are too many universities or colleges in China and hence we will help you to make the best selection of suitable schools, institutions, universities and programs.
EDU Mandarin (collaboration with PREC EDU) represents many universities in China to offer English-medium tertiary education, pre-university and non-degree courses in various fields of study like MBBS, Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Business, Marketing and Economics, Logistics, Tourism Management and etc.


We are the appointed education consultancy agent for many universities in China like Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Science ann Technology, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Nankai University, Qindao College and etc. Click for more information. (29th September 2016)

Congratulations on your great decisions to purchase our online materials! We are truly thankful whenever someone buys a product from our online shop:, We make sure you receive the best after sale services and consultations on your journey of mandarin learning. (26th September 2016)
Order Confirmation

September 2016 – Students of The Setia Budi Private School, a school under Islamic International University are having their Mandarin lessons. We use different methods and approaches in teaching Mandarin. Multimedia is one of our approaches too.

Setia Budi Private School

Another Breakthrough of us!

The First Online Bookshop Exclusive for Mandarin Learning & Teaching!



Our first class photo!

We hope to do our very best in helping the kids to mastering their mandarin meanwhile helping them to enhance their soft skills especially the second language of Mandarin!




让中国孩子练习英语口语,也同时让马来学生练习汉语口语。团员自山东省东营市,领队:张军老师,家长:武新霞,学生:李睿洋 与王文睿 。期待往后有更多国际语言交流!有意合作者欢迎联络。(1st August 2016)

Rombongan pertama melawat sambil belajar dari China. Kedatangan mereka memberi peluang kepada para pelajar China melatih kemahiran perbualan Bahasa English, manakala para pelajar Melayu berpeluang melatih penguasaan perbualan Bahasa Mandarin. Ahli-ahli dari bandar Dongying, Provinsi Shandong, ketua pasukan: guru Zhang, ibu bapa: Wuxin Xia, pelajar: Rui Yang dan Wang Wenrui.


 Higher academic achievement will always be our dreams and philosophy!

Award Ceremony of the Chartered College of Teachers (London)

Award Ceremony of the Chartered College of Teachers (London)

Congratulations to our Director KS Chow for her awards ceremony of the Chartered College of Teachers (London). The awards ceremony was held at the Middlsex University in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh on May 2016.

恭贺卓越汉语中心董事周锦秀硕士,完成英国伦敦教师特许学院之特殊教育与儿童心理学文凭。毕业典礼于伦敦密德萨斯大学举行,并由英国国王菲利普亲王亲自主持。(June 2016)

Been invited to be a speaker of Mandarin teacher training seminar

We were invited by the educational textbook publisher Odonata Private Limited (红蜻蜓出版社) to be the speaker of one day seminar for Mandarin Teacher on 1st November 2015 @ Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The main topic covered on the day was related to the methods and challenges of teaching Mandarin characters to the new learner as well as the way to handle the special needs children. (November 2015)


Invite us to your organization/ school for “Learning Mandarin as Second Language” seminar.

 Join our mandarin learning group for more interaction and discussion in Facebook:

Learn Mandarin and Sit for HSK Test in South East Asia

EDU Mandarin Center


Mandarin Revision Card!

Mandarin Revision Card is now available for students!Just scan or type the link and you may access to the mandarin revision website in any time and at any place with your hand phone!

Kindly click the link ( or scan the QR code in order to access to all of our flash cards, which act as the after-class revision purpose. Do not worry! This is undoubtedly a user-friendly program. Grab this chance to have a try now!

Mandarin live interpretation services at Sunway Convention Center!

International Profession Certification Association

Wish to be a certified Mandarin Teacher! But no appropriate degree or qualification?

IPA (International Profession Certification Association) Mandarin Teacher Certification is the opportunity for you. 想成为一名受认证的汉语老师,但又没有相关学位?IPA国际汉语专业认证是您的机会,点击此以获取详情

Mandarin Translation Service: Translate your documents  direct from China.  

English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation 同步传译


Our China Translator, majored in Chinese Literature, and minored in English. Devote herself to Chinese teaching as a secondary language, doing part-time translating and interpreting. Skilled in using both Chinese and English. Besides, wwe provide English <> Chinese  Simultaneous Interpretation (同步传译) for confierences or project. Read more

back to school

Hi, we are back after one week of year end holiday, hope will serve you better in 2017.
New year bonus: .
Now you can use this URL to assess to all our flashcards for after school revision purpose, it is user friendly and easy to remember, try it now!

edu mandarin youtube channel

Subscribe Edu Mandarin YouTube Channel to watch more latest and interesting video, learning Mandarin is so much fun!!!
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learn mandarin online

Mengajar tuisyen mandarin sekolah rendah Cina melalui internet, mungkin? Kami berjaya merealisasikan konsep ini. Ia diajar oleh guru-guru berpengalaman manakala ibu bapa bertanggungjawab mengawasi pelajar di rumah. Tak payah hantar anak ke sana sini, !  

华语补习,全科或单科,由富有经验之学校老师执教,无需载送,在家轻松监督,可与其他孩子共享配套以减低费用Klik sini untuk maklumat lanjut >>

Child Learn Mandarin Online @ USA, We Teach From KL


Our student at United State tried to speak mandarin via Skype. Our online students adults and children, this learning method enable you to learn at home and no transportation problems for parents.

Click here to know more about our online classes >>

新 HSK 词汇突破 (1-3 级) / 外研社新 HSK 课堂系列
《新 HSK 词汇突破(1-3 级)》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第一至第三级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 1 新实用汉语课本 1 第 2 版 课本 (附赠 1 张 MP3)

《HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第六级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版
《HSK 词汇突破 6 级第 2 版》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第六级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

新 HSK 词汇突破 (1-3 级) / 外研社新 HSK 课堂系列

《新 HSK 词汇突破(1-3 级)》适合参加 HSK 汉语考试考生使用,特别针对第一至第三级的考试词汇准备。此书拥有完整考试所概括的词汇范围,附词汇拼音与英文翻译与解释,并以例句来强化考试对该词汇的理解。可以随身携带复习背诵,加强开始准备与信心。前往购买>>

Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) 长城汉语单机版 (生存交际) (英语)


Great Wall Chinese Courseware (Essentials in Communication) (English) is a complete set of learning courseware, include level 1-6 of the beginner courses for a new mandarin learner. It provides a clear and exquisite animation, grammatical questions, speaking tests and assessments. Buy Now >>

Watch video on how to user Great Wall Chinese Courseware


 Another breakthrough of EDU Mandarin!

Just collected 29 HSK exam certificates from University Malaya this month, the largest number so far! Academic oriented training is always our philosophy!

领了29张汉语水平考试证书,是目前中心最多考生的一次!有谁想考试?目前在槟城与吉隆坡都有考点,或了解HSK奖学金?(6th August 2016)


Educational Tour from China


We received our first educational visitation today from China. During the visitation, the mainland students got the opportunity to practice their English, and our Malay students had their opportunity to practice their mandarin. Visitation members from Dongying City, Shandong Province. Team leader: Zhang Jun (teacher), Wuxin Xia (parent) Rui Yang Li (student) and Wang Wenrui (student).

Hope more international language exchange in future! (1st August 2016)

Challenge of China: Our first student go for Ph.D in China

While Lee Chong Wei will go for gold medal journey next month, our student Noor Suhana go for her PhD (Mechanical Engineering) at Qing Hwa University (Beijing) next month too. Both of them facing the same “challenge of China”. After learning mandarin with us for the last few months, she will start her doctorate candidate journey. And we are glad that she received full scholarship, living fees and monthly pocket money sponsored by China government!

Academic excellence and always fight for higher goal in life are our philosophy for the learning center and students!

Mastering Mandarin language, the largest language of the world, definitely widen your life and achievements! (22th July 2017)


Our teaching quality could be proven by external examination!

Congratulations to our students: Danesh, Arvin, Amilia Azmen, Nurul Athirah & all the students successfully achieved a flying color in their HSK exam which was held in University of Malaya. You could be the next. Please contact teacher Chow 012-9036155 for the next month examination consultation and registration. 

HSK exam

We are expanding!
Teacher Chow was teaching the first class at Sek Rendah Setiabudi (under the international school of UIA) @ Gombak, Selangor. Feel free to contact us if you wish to setup mandarin classes for your center or school.(January 2016)

Sek Rendah Setiabudi

Online learning with us?

Stay too far from our centers? you could take our e-learning package, teacher will teach you via Skype, and you could revive your lessons via our customized 24 hours online software.

We have teacher from China who speak the pure Beijing slang, and Malaysian teachers who graduated from China and could communicated well in Malay and English. Click here for more info and feedback!

Online learning

Our student Nuraiin Azhar was having mandarin class in Johor Bahru this morning through Internet, teacher Chen taught her from our KL office.

Our PJ permanent center welcome first batch of students!
Located at SS25 (Taman Mayang), near to Kelana Jaya and the newly opened Lembah Subang LRT. Contact us if you with to visit. (June 2016)

PJ - Edu Mandarin

  • We create personalized study plans for you based on your level of Chinese and learning requirements.

  • Studying Chinese at Mandarin Edu School provides you solid foundation in the Chinese language, which is critical in job hunting or further studies.