Guarantee Success Policy?

We are aware that there are some centers out there do offer a guarantee package of mastering the mandarin language in less than 100 hours! 
Frankly speaking, if a language center is able to help the students to master mandarin in such a short time, then perhaps all the Chinese schools out there will definitely face a problem of shutting down. This is because everyone could have just go to the center, sit there for less than 100 hours and they are able to acquire this language easily. They need not to trouble themselves to go to the Chinese schools to get educated for 6 years. 
Besides, we have never guarantee our students that they will be having this chance to enjoy their unlimited classes even if they failed to master the Mandarin language after one year. Why? This is because we want our students to SUCCES! If we guarantee our students on this, we can foresee that our students would not put much efforts in their studies as there is always a chance to get back.
Let’s take a look at Airasia. Airasia is a success aviation company. One of the reasons that contributes to its success is that nobody will guarantee on their success. On the contrary, let’s look at our national aviation company (which is the same case as our national car maker). Our national aviation company do not fight for their futures but fully rely on the government to subsidy them instead as they know that the government will always have their back.  
Hence, please join us for our no guarantee package if you wish to succeed! ????
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