Corporate Services 企业服务详文

These are some of the services that we have provided to the corporates and schools in Malaysia. Corporate representative or the school management are welcomed to contact and invite us for the services below:



1.Invite us to train your staff  邀请我们主持员工汉语培训

Have you ever thought that you could actually have your Mandarin lesson in your office? Our teacher Ng and her students are having the Mandarin lessons at KLCCPS Sdn. Bhd. (Putrajaya).

This course enable the student who has zero mandarin background to master the basic mandarin conversation skills, as well as some of the mandarin characters that are most frequent-in-used in order to equip them for their daily business and the living conversation.Our syllabus covers various topics, which is from level 1 to level 6. It ranges from personal information, living and communication, study and work, social interactions to the comprehensive communication and etc. Each level contains 230 Chinese words and 40 grammatical points.

Moreover, each level also involves more than 40 real-life situations and 40 fun cartoons. Please click here for the course details.

你可曾想过其实你可以在你的公司开设汉语班呢?上图为我们的黄老师以及她的学生们正在KLCCPS Sdn. Bhd. (布特拉再也)上汉语课。



2.Invite us to set-up the mandarin classes in your school 邀请我们为贵校或中心建立汉语课程

If you are facing with either the shortage of teacher or do not have enough experience in setting up the mandarin class, we are able to assist you on this with our rich experiences and professionalism. This is to meet the demands of market and meanwhile to prepare the students to sit for the HSK examination. Moreover, it also means to help the primary Chinese school students’ studies.

Currently, EDU Mandarin hosting two home schools and a private school mandarin classes.



Teacher Chow was conducting the first mandarin class at Sek Rendah Setiabudi (under the international school of UIA) @ Gombak, Selangor. Feel free to contact us if you wish to set-up the mandarin classes in either your center or school. (January 2016)

下图为周老师正在Sek Rendah Setiabudi@ Gombak,Selangor (UIA国际学校)教第一堂汉语课。若你想在你的中心或学校开设汉语班,请联系我们。(2016年1月)

3.Invite us to conduct the HSK Exam seminar  邀请我们主讲HSK汉语水平考试讲座

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Examination) is an official test system of Chinese language set by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is an international Mandarin language testing system. Furthermore, it is also required by most of the universities in China as the entry requirement for those who wish to enrol in the mandarin-medium courses in China´s universities as well as those who wish to work in China.

We do not issue our own certificate to our students. However, our students are encouraged to sit for the HSK exam in the University Malaya based on their Chinese proficiency levels instead. Moreover, our teaching qualities and the student’s performance are always being put into test through this external exam, in which it will be marked by the university in China. We have been practicing for this for the last 6 years.

For your information, EDU Mandarin is one of the institutions that provide consultations and registration services for HSK Exam in Kuala Lumpur. Kindly contact us if you wish to sit for the HSK exam.

汉语水平考试 (HSK 考试)是一个由中华人民共和国教育部所设立的官方测试系统。它是一个国际性,并受许多国际大学认可的汉语测试系统。对于欲往以汉语为媒介语的大学求学的学生,以及欲在中国工作的求职者;汉语水平考试已被列入为大部分大学的入学基本要求。



The HSK mandarin exam seminar was conducted in Sitiawan (Kampung Koh) falls on @ GOLDEN BRAIN LEARNING CENTRE.

4.Invite us to conduct Mandarin language Interpretation / Translation for your company’s seminar or meeting. 邀请我们为你们公司的研讨会或会议进行中文口译/翻译。

Invite us for interpretation or translation service for your company seminar or meeting.

Our team was invited for a simultaneous interpretation service by Sunway Group

5.Invite us to conduct  Google AdWords Courses in Mandarin 邀请我们以汉语教谷歌 AdWords 课程

Invite us for Google Adwords seminar or facebook seminar for your company marketing team.
Visit for more infarmation.


 We are teaching the Search Engine Advertisement course at Puchong today.

上图为(29/08/2016) 我们今天在Puchong教搜索引擎广告课程。