A Visit to the KDU Penang University College


We have paid a visit to the KUD University College in Penang and was warmly welcomed by the Principal , Dr Chong Beng Keok.

Before the visitation, EDU Mandarin has recommended a number of Northern students to sit for the HSK Exam in their examination center.

For your information, KDU is the only institution offer computer based HSK exam in Malaysia. We exchanged a number of issues with regards to the Chinese language teaching as well as the examination-related issues.

We have reached a mutual agreement with Dr Chong, which is to further encourage students to sit for the HSK exam in the future. Meanwhile, they also plan to invite us to conduct a talk on HSK Exam as well as the teaching system’s training at their university in the days to come. (July, 2017)

Photo session with Dr Choong, KDU vice chancelor (2nd from Right) and Diana Foo, Senior Education Advisor, teacher-in-charge for HSK KDU Penang (1st from Left)

Mdm Chow took photo with Diana Foo.

Mr Ching took photo in front of KDU Penang University College.

Signboard of the KDU Penang University College

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