Mandarin class for all

Great-Wall Chinese Series 长城汉语

New Flexible Mandarin Study Plan for Adult 长城汉语系列

 The key project of the China National Office for Teaching Mandarin or Hanban.

Flexi Hour (available at every night 7-8:30 from Monday to Thursday, plus Tuesday 8:30-10pm and Saturday 4:30-6pm, 6 slots available)

Everyone study according to their pace (fast learners could continue to next level without waiting for others, slow learner may spend more time on the lessons without proceed to another level)

Accompanied with high tech multimedia courseware for self study (see

Great Wall Chinese’s syllabus (6 levels in 60 lessons)


  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

Unit 1

Greetings Date. week and Holiday Talking about weather Talking about result Hobbies Weather and climate

Unit 2

First Meeting Direction and locality Talking about on-going action Talking about one's background Invite and refuse Festival and custom

Unit 3

Nationality & place of one's origin Describing object Talking about one's habits Campus life Talking about one's physical features Checking in/out at a hotel

Unit 4

Occupation Asking & telling way Talking about living environment Talking about work Making cancel an appointment Personal services

Unit 5

Age Money and shopping In the Post Office Apply for a job  Invitation Looking up for information

Unit 6

One's height nd weight In the restaurant In the bank Going through formalities Character Making reservation

Unit 7

Address, telephone number Making tel. call Shopping Get together Talking about sport Talking about holidays

Unit 8

Family Talking about living quarters In the hospital Talking about plans and arrangements Making friends Talking about health

Unit 9

Time Public transport Talking about one's spare time Talking about leisure Talking about TV programs The computer and internet

Unit 10

Basic personal information Asing for help Talking about one's experience Weekday planning Passing on a message Breakdown