Mandarin class for all

Our Operational Hours

Please don’t come directly to our centre, we are not at the centre all the time, please come at the time below and call us before you come:

For Taman Melawati:

Monday:           4:30PM-6PM; 8 PM -10:00 PM (2 slots)

Tuesday:           7 PM -8:30 PM; 8:30 PM -10 PM

                          (2 slots)

Wednesday:      8 PM -10:00 PM

Thursday:          7:00PM-8:30PM ; 8:30PM-10:00PM (2 slots)

Friday:               9:30AM-11:00AM ; 11:00-12:30 (New)

Saturday:           9:30AM-11:00AM; 11AM-12:30PM;

                          2:30-4PM (3 slots)

For Kajang:


Tuesday:     11:00AM-12:30PM;  5PM-6:30PM ; 8 PM -9:30 PM (3 slots)

Thursday:    11:00AM-12:30PM (1 slot)

Saturday:  10:00AM-11:30PM; 11:30PM-1PM  (2 slot)


Please contact us if you wish to come out of the time slots mentioned above: +60129036155

Email :

Our teachers’ profiles:

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