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Year End Christmas, New Year and Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
 holidays notice. (Melawati and Kajang center)

In conjunction with the multiple holidays mentioned above, EDU Mandarin will be closed from 25th December 2014 (Thursday) to 4th January 2015 (Sunday). Classes will be resume on 5th January 2015 (Monday).

We wish all of you a happy holidays!


Our Services:

Service #1 

Mandarin Class based on Taman Melawati (KL)Kajang, PJ  and USJ 9 (Subang)  intake are open to all working adults and students and children now, call us for detail @ +60129036155 (WeChat and Whatsapp available)(Email :

New teaching point: SRI HARTAMAS (KL)

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Service #2  Short term Mandarin course and trip in Beijing 短期北京汉语游学之旅

Half day study Mandarin and half day trip in Beijing, inclusive Forbiden Palace, Olympic stadium ect. 2 weeks and 1 month packages available, no age limitation. Click here for detail.


Service # 3   HSK Mandarin Examination registration and consultation.

HSK examination (汉语水平考试) is the international Mandarin language procifiency examination orginized by China goverment. It is the official examination for foreign students to enter China University as the prove of their Mandarin proficiency. Our service include trial exam, registration, per-examination consultation, special revision class and the sale of exam related books and CDs.  Click here for detail and examination date of 2014.


Service # 4  Study in China Consultation and Counselling. 

Are you aware of, you could potentially study preferred coourses such as professional medical health (MBBS), engineering or enterprise administrative (or MBA) inthe mainland China in English medium. Based on our study, you might completed a MBBS diploma that recognized by Malaysia government with only RM 200,000 (inclusive living expenditures) . If you are fascinated, leave an messga to us for futher couselling .


Now we not only offer mandarin classes but study in China consultation services as well, students and public who wish to futher their study to China could personally receive the consultation from our full time consultant in KL center, please visit to our newly designed website:


Service # 5

*FREE Mandarin conversation practice and couching through WeChat. Our dedicated teacher not only teach you at our classroom, but also provide after class couching via WeChat group chat device. You could listen to other students speacing, try to speak, read some useful note and try to write the Mandarin character in this group that gather all new learners. At least 3 teachers involve and ready to help you all the times. You could try this efficient method by WeChat id: jyching1. 

smiley  All the services above, you could leave a message  @ here !  cool


We are based in Taman Melawati (KL), Kajang,Taman Tun (PJ) and Beijing as well, specialized in teaching mandarin for beginners, intermediate learners and non-Chinese who enrolled in Chinese school.

Beside our classroom, we provide distance learning via Skypeconverstional practice via WeChat and revision via internet course ware solutions as well.

With our system, you can start your mandarin learning anytime!

Your progress of learning will be recorded carefully, so student could learn according to their phase, which mean every student will learn individually and teacher will also teach individually group by group according to their level and progress.

So, whether you are fast or slow learner, you no need to feel pressure because other are progress faster or to wait for other if you could learn faster :D

FREE UNLIMITED after class online revisions and exercises for our students. No matter you have or without formal mandarin education background, all are welcome.


Our target groups are : 

1. For Chinese or Malays and Foreigners who without formal mandarin education background to join mandarin for beginner courses with conversation first feature. We use the most updated Great Wall Chinese system. Click me!

2. For those who raised in Chinese family and understand mandarin speaking but without formal mandarin education to join mandarin characters course.

3. For those student who enroll or which to enroll Malaysian Chinese primary school to enhance their mandarin and join HSK examination (Chinese Proficiency Examination)

Whether you are or not our student, just call us to share your difficulties in learning mandarin, free consultation, teachers are welcome to share as well! Check out our learning package!

Latest News 最新消息

1) New offer: Great Wall Chinese course ware in internet !!!
To all the parents, students and visitors:
Now, we could offer you the internet course ware account, which enable you to enjoy and revive the course 24 hours from your home, proven it is one of the fastest way to master mandarin, contact us for more detail. Watch the introductary videio on youtube:

2) HSK Mandarin Proficiency Examination Consultation and Registration


We proudly announce that EDU Mandarin now started to offer HSK exam (Chinese Proficiency Exam) services include trial exam, registration, per-examination consultation, special revision class and the sale of exam related book and CD, call us for more info.








All our students will be recommended to take HSK exam in UM Kong Zi  Institute !!! 




3) Self-purchased new centre: for better facilities and larger space!

We had moved to our new centre on 27 October 2013, all classes are held at our new centre at 307C, 3rd Floor, Lorong Perak, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL. (Same row as Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, opposite 7-11) More spacious and more facilities for our student !!!!


卓越汉语搬了新家!!!!十月二十七日,我们已经搬迁到自购的店屋单位,所有的课,都会在新的中心上课。更大的空间,更完善的设备!我们的新地址 307C, 3rd Floor, Lorong Perak, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL. (与国民登记局同排,7-11便利店对面)

4) Wish to establish mandarin centre/classes in your school or town, but lack of quality teaching system and marketing plan? Don’t worry, we provide you syllabus, online course ware and be your marketing partner, contact us for more info.



Call us for FREE mandarin learning and teaching consultation

Tel: +6012-9036155